The Kickstarter Report: 'Megatokyo' Visual Novel Game

I’ve talked in a previous article about how Megatokyo was the first webcomic I read when I started reading them when I was an undergrad slaving away at my homework, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I wanted to report on this interesting idea that the comic’s creator/artist—Fred Gallagher—has decided to crowdfund.  For those who have read the comic, Fred has often talked about making a game of the characters, but because art is not an always lucrative field—especially for those who decide to do webcomics—this has not been a possibility until now.  I give you the Megatokyo Visual Novel Game, a story told in traditional Japanese game style starring the characters of the most unusual group of American sight-seers around.

For those of you who have not read the comic, I point you toward and encourage to start reading.  A basic background is two Americans end up in Tokyo, Japan, and have to find a way back home, because they don’t have any money. Throughout their attempts to find income, they interact with several citizens of the densely-populated metropolis, some of which have become very important to Largo and Piro (the lead characters).  The game is very much the same as the comic, but instead of watching the choices that the characters make, players get to make the decisions themselves and reap the benefits (and consequences) that go with them.  So, even if you are familiar with the comic—or decide to read it and get familiar before the game comes out—there will be significant differences, as the game will be shown from the perspective of one specific person throughout gameplay, though there are several different playable characters.  Essentially, you’ll be able to play the same game several times, from different viewpoints, with different interactions and choices.

The initial goal of the most basic game was $20,000, with “stretch goals” of upwards to $500,000.  I should point out that at the time of this article’s posting, all but the highest stretch goal have been reached, and while there’s not much time left before the funding options are closed, it would be really nice to see it completely reached.  But, why listen to me, when Mr. Gallagher himself explains what the game is and the goals?

So, I hope you’re excited about the prospect of seeing the dysfunctional duo of webcomics take on the streets of Tokyo as I am. Let’s see how this thing ends!

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