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The best way I can describe this comic is a slice-of-life with some very unusual aspects that one normally wouldn’t find in reality. The titular character, Art, has a couple of friends/housemates who he keeps getting involved with when they have weird adventures, much to his dismay, but he seems to be able to handle it quite well. Sequential Art tries to update on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but it isn’t always doable, at


Art Style

The style is very simple for the most part, without any elaborate backgrounds and shading done, but it is still very detailed in the characters and immediate surroundings to help establish their location and demeanor easily. The corners and shapes are very well defined, showing that the artist has a lot of creativity involved, but also the fact that some of the characters are anthropomorphic animals does make it stand out a bit.

Writing and Dialogue

As mentioned above, this comic is very much a slice-of-life, take-it-as-it-goes type of scenario, in which the characters are given seemingly normal circumstances that have a tendency to turn into wacky adventures. The writing is solid and is based on a lot of interaction and situational awareness much like how life really is, with characters sometimes taking double-takes to make sure they saw what they thought they saw and other times wanting to unsee that which cannot be unseen. Some of the story arcs can be very involved, making it hard to hop right in without previously knowing what is going on, so the best suggestion would be to read from the beginning (however, since it isn’t very long, it doesn’t take much time to get caught up).


The comic will really only appeal to people who enjoy humor and unusual circumstances that tend to fall into the everyday life of seemingly normal individuals; there isn’t anything inherently hard to understand or take in, so anyone should be able to pick it up, but unless you enjoy the humor, you’re going to be pretty bored.




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