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There are several webcomics out there that deal with situational comedy aspects, and while some of them are truly enjoyable, I do not believe I have run into a more outlandish—and yet somewhat believable—sitcom than that of Ménage à 3. Three seemingly normal people who have seemingly normal lives end up having some of the most unusual relationship problems known to exist, and yet still end up sane and alive at the end of the day (how is beyond me). Because of the material involved, there is artistic and everyday use of nudity, and thus the comic rates itself as an “HBO-style romcom,” not suitable for all audiences. Ménage à 3 updates on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule at


Art Style

The art is very well done by veteran artist and writer Giz, who has had several current and past comics to her name, going way back to Cool Cat Studio (one of the first webcomics I ever read “back in the day”). It is well defined, somewhat simple without an excessive use of background material, but is very detailed in the clothing and distinguishing marks for the characters themselves. There is a nice sense of flow between panels, a transition that shows what is going on without having to go back and read it again to make sure the situation wasn’t lost. If you’ve enjoyed any of Giz’s other artwork, you’ll be sure to love this comic.

Writing and Dialogue

The comic is centered around three individuals—roommates—and the various activities that they deal with, mostly in relation to their love and sex lives. The writing and dialogue seem very much reactionary with individual interactions, which allow for the reader to feel as though they’re a part of the scene that is taking place. The writers do such a great job that I can see this lasting a long time (and having already created two spin-off comics).


This comic will appeal to anyone who has a broad sense of humor and does not mind the occasional nudity with sexual tension thrown in. It is very much an adult/mature comic but is hilarious to the point where anyone who reads it should be able to find enjoyment in it—unless you don’t enjoy sitcoms or rom-coms, that is. Just don’t expect anything to be resolved, as it have a continuous, flowing plot that transitions so well that there’s no way to tell where a “storyline” starts or ends.




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