The New Marvel: 'The Indestructible Hulk'

indestructible-hulk-1The New Marvel is a series that looks at the changes that the mega-comic empire made following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the impact that those changes have on the stories of Marvel NOW!  Six issues (or more) into each Marvel NOW! title, we see what our favorite characters are up to and what to keep an eye out for in the future.

Cursed by an experiment gone wrong, Robert Bruce Banner has spent years trying to find a way to cure himself from his impairment so as to go back to the way life was before; however, all of his attempts have failed, and he’s been on both sides of the law during his incredible crusade. Now, coming to terms with the fact that he’s never going to be able to go back to how things were, Banner focuses on creating a better future for himself and the people of Earth, as a way of making up for all of the destruction he has caused in his Gamma-irradiated form. Making a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. to provide his services—both brute force and scientific—he puts together a team of future thinkers to help him achieve his goal of leaving a mark beyond giant, green footprints on a battlefield. He’s brilliant and unwavering, but most of all, he’s The Indestructible Hulk.


Covering Issues #1-6

I’ve got to admit that the Hulk has never been one of my favorite characters, oftentimes because he seems to just run away from his problems and hide for fear of his anger issues getting the better of him; however, the way this series is written has really grabbed my interest. For years Banner has done nothing to help the world, but now he’s taking responsibility for his situation and trying to improve upon matters without whining about how he’ll never get rid of his Hulk form (one way or another). I think that Mark Waid has done a truly brilliant job of penning this series, and the fact that he’s able to allow both aspects of Banner’s personalities to come forth and help the world is something I don’t think has really been done before (or at least, not done as well or for long). The beginning of the series was certainly a surprise for me, it wasn’t something I was expecting, and I think about the only thing that is missing from the scenario is having the intelligent Hulk be the principle character (much like how She-Hulk and Red Hulk are able to function fully in their Gamma-irradiated forms).

About the one aspect of the series I’m not entirely fond of is the deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of past experiences, I’m expecting someone within the agency to go back on their word and come down on the Hulk in a bad way. Despite the fact that it is an ultra-cool spy agency with lots of gadgets and superheroes for agents, it is still an agency with its own agenda. At least the Hulk now has some backing from various Avengers to help if things hit the fan . . . not that he’d really need it.

I’m very curious to see just what kind of innovations he’ll be able to come up with to help improve the world, and if any of them will be “appropriated” by the military for other usages. I’d be very surprised if something like that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be pleasantly surprised if that turns out to be the case. All in all, I look forward to reading more of this series, and I hope that Waid will continue to write it for a long time.




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