The New Marvel: 'A+X'

A X Marvel NOWThe New Marvel is a series that looks at the changes that the mega-comic empire made following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the impact that those changes have on the stories of Marvel NOW!  Six issues (or more) into each Marvel NOW! title, we see what our favorite characters are up to and what to keep an eye out for in the future.

Some are Avengers, some are X-Men, very few are both, but they all believe in a better world for the people they protect—how they execute it is drastically different at times.  Working together in unlikely situations to provide that security is how they learn about one another, how they can function together, and how much they really do detest one another’s abilities in certain circumstances.  Separate, they are just an A and an X, but together, they are A+X.


Covering Issues #1-6

Unlike the rest of the Marvel NOW! titles, A+X does not have a plot that spans more than one issue; it very much is a team-up book, much like Avenging Spider-Man, but without having the wall-crawling hero as the central figure.  Some of the combinations are rather interesting, even if I wouldn’t have picked them to be together, and others give a very nice little look at characters beyond what you see in all of the fighting.  However, some of the combinations don’t really make sense, specifically the fact that Iron Man would be surprised by the powers that Kitty Pryde is able to wield in her battles—one would think that Iron Man, a guy who prides himself on being able to get any information at the touch of his armor, would have known that Kitty’s powers could have killed him. That particular situation makes it hard for me to believe in the veracity of some of the title’s writers.

Because of the team-up situation of the title, each issue is very different than the one before it.  Actually, given that each issue has two different combinations (a bit like the A vs. X versus title during the Avengers vs. X-Men event) things don’t work together within the same issue at all.  There are some stories that give rise to the possibility of future events, while others focus on the here and now (and even one went so far as to look at World War II from the perspective of the USA’s most iconic hero).  Overall, I think the title doesn’t really have a central core connection to the rest of the Marvel NOW! world around it, and readers can certainly take it or leave it without having to worry about it impacting much (if at all) of their understanding of the rest of the world’s flow.  However, it is a nice compilation piece to seeing how various characters interact with one another, and is quite amusing, especially in the terms of the first issue.

I would like to see the situational markup change, providing more foreshadowing and clues to future or concurrent events; there is a great opportunity for the writers to drop little clues here, and I feel that they’re not using that opportunity to their fullest.




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