The New Marvel: 'Cable and X-Force'

Cable and X-Force 1The New Marvel is a series that looks at the changes that the mega-comic empire made following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the impact that those changes have on the stories of Marvel NOW!  Six issues (or more) into each Marvel NOW! title, we see what our favorite characters are up to and what to keep an eye out for in the future.

He helped to save the present by raising Hope in the future, against all odds and on the run from his former friends and colleagues.  Now, he’s back, ready to take on the world to help keep the new survival of mutantkind viable, but he can’t do it alone; seeking help from his friends and using the various skills that he’s been known for, Nathan Summers skirts the law to get what he feels he needs for his quest.  No longer considered an X-Man, no longer viewing himself as the father to Hope that she saw in him, he strikes hard and decisively with his team: they are Cable and X-Force.


Covering Issues #1-6

Cable has always been a bit of a loner and a mystery, preferring to let his stoic silence distract people from his ability to plant them into the ground, and now is no different.  He would rather the world see him and his team as outlaws—even murderers—than to spend precious time trying to convince people of a plot against them when they won’t listen to him simply because of his genetic standing.  While it may work for him in most situations, it has created a lot of problems for him and his fellow teammates, as well as sowing conflict and dissention amongst them to the point that some would rather face the government than deal with him.  What really strikes me is that he seems so unwilling to accept help from Hope, preferring to leave her out of danger despite the fact that she has proven to the entire world that she can take care of herself (and save mutantkind and humanity in the process).  It seems as though he’s just looking after her like a father should, in his own very strange way.

I do like how some of the series focuses on how Colossus is dealing with his situation following being part of the Phoenix Five, and that it shows he is not entirely without guilt over what happened in the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline.  He’s always been a bit of a feel-good person—a strange combination given his massive power capabilities—and so it isn’t surprising that he would empathize, and even sympathize, with how people view him and his fellow mutants with disdain, but I never expected him to turn the other cheek in a very open move of capitulation.  Hopefully, he won’t let his fear of succumbing to his own power make him become a scapegoat of the government for Cable’s sole actions, even if they were justified with what information they had.

I would like to see Hope get more involved in the team, especially given how close she is to Cable; I think it would make some very interesting mission dynamics, as well as help to explore their relationship better.  I would also like to know just how Cyclops and Havok feel about the whole situation, given that they’re Cable’s family. One thing is for sure, there’s got to be a lot of tension between the three given all that has gone down around them.




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