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You Say It FirstWorld of Webcomics is a series devoted to exploring the world of online comics and their target audiences, as well as their art styles, storylines, and the general enjoyment that they provide.


You Say It First is a direct continuation of a previous comic done by Terrance and Isabel Marks, Unlike Minerva, and the two headlining characters are the same in both but with a different type of relationship.  Originally aggravated by one another, Brisbane and Kimberly fall for one another mutually, but have a hard time expressing it (hence the name of the title).  The two end up working at the same company and eventually come to grips with their relationship, but they’re still not sure how they want to pursue it in the wake of all that has happened between the two of them in Unlike Minerva. It is rare to find a comic that directly follows a previous one (I can name only a handful of examples.), and while reading the archives of Unlike Minerva would certainly help to understand the full relationship between the characters and the world they live in, there is enough clues dropped in the current comic to make up for a lack of knowledge.  All in all, this is a romantic comedy/situational comedy webcomic, with some very unusual situations.  You Say It First just finished its run in January, marking it the first (and perhaps only) World of Webcomics subject to end while this was being written; you can catch up at


Art Style

Isabel Marks has had a lot of practice with her artwork, having done several comics over the years, and she’s always been very colorful with her work.  The majority of her work is hand-drawn, and while it is very well done, there are some things that make it obvious, such as objects not quite being the right size and shape as they are in reality.  Backgrounds are also sparse, with her focusing more on the portrayal of the characters and the objects that directly relate to them in the panels, so sometimes it is hard to figure out what is going on around them; however, the artwork is pretty consistent over the years, if improving slightly due to practice. While it may not be considered the best in the world, it is still very well done and natural. She also colors for Kell & Kevin.

Writing and Dialogue

While it may be a direct continuation of Unlike Minerva, the writing and interaction between the characters is not the same; there is a lot more focus on just Brisbane and Kimberly, as well as how they relate to one another and the world around them now that their previous business ventures have dried up.  Most of the story writing tends to center on the two’s feelings, through some of the most troublesome situations that they have encountered between them. Other times it focuses on a wide range of supporting characters, though most of the time only in how they relate to Brisbane and Kimberly even if in a remote fashion.  Regardless, though, the writing flows well and seems very real to me, as though the characters are people I could meet in person (and that’s saying something, considering I have some very unusual friends).


Anyone who has read the previous comic would enjoy this one, as well as anyone who enjoys the work that the Marks have done over the years (and there have been many, some long, some short).  As mentioned above, it is a romantic comedy and a situational comedy webcomic, looking in-depth at the lives of two characters with seemingly opposite personalities and backgrounds, like so many people expect to see from such situations.  From my own personal experience, opposites sometimes do attract, and that attraction at times comes with some very funny anecdotes to amuse people. This comic just takes that amusement for the appeal of the readers.  So, if you enjoy comedy and weird situations where two people struggle to tell each other how they feel in funny ways, then I would suggest this comic.





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