Apocalyptic Fast Food: A Review of 'Rapture Burgers'


Rapture BurgersI’m a webcomics junkie, and I’m always in the market for new artistic endeavors to take up what little free time I have, and so I was more than happy to take a look at this new series that I had never heard of before.  I can’t say that I fully understand what’s going on in the comic, but, then again, there are a lot of online comics that I don’t completely understand and yet still enjoy.  I’m not really sure what to expect concerning the future of the comic, but I know that I am going to be eagerly awaiting the release of “chapter two” so as to figure out just what Camille is going to do.  The entirety of Chapter One, as well as other information, can be found at the comic’s website, www.raptureburgers.com.


Very Brief Summary

Camille has a dream about the desire to conquer the world, which he then utilizes into his real life after waking up in the morning (by falling out of bed).  Most of the time, he seems to be rather oblivious to the people and situation around him as he rants about his desire to take over the world, which includes his ex-girlfriend, Rose, as well as various customer service workers.  In the end, he contemplates what things will be like when he has finally taken over the world . . . as he walks the dog through the neighborhood.


I really enjoy the art style of the comic; there is a lot of detail, right down to what logo Camille is wearing on his pajamas.  The art style is very much like other comics I have seen online, with flowing shadows and edges, but without it trying to be too sharp and intimidating.  I also find the fact that Camille’s hair has a style depicting wings, making me think of Captain America or the Flash—although neither of those were evil, teenage masterminds determined to rule the world through the power of trench coats.

The throw-away jokes are also very nicely done, though I’m not sure why a thrift store would have a BDSM section—and the fact that it’s there kind of makes me shiver.  I’m not entirely sure I would want to go to a high school named for Attila the Hun, but it would certainly make things interesting.  And, near the very end of the chapter, the first look of the new “Rapture Burgers” chain—opening in an apocalypse near you—is shown as Camille is walking away, giving credence to the name of the comic itself.

The Future

Why exactly is it named Rapture Burgers, when the restaurant is only shown once?  If it were about the various people who work and frequent the place, then I could understand the title being what it is, but it isn’t, so I’m really wondering just what the real point of the name is?  And, just why does Camille wish to rule the world?  He’s given no definable reasons, other than he would be awesome at it, but surely that can’t be the only reason that he wants to become the ultimate leader of all humanity; there must be more to it than that, and I really want to find out in the later chapters.





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