52 Catch Up Second Wave: 'World’s Finest'

Worlds Finest 152 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.




Ripped through dimensional space by an unusual Boom Tube, Helena and Kara, two superheroes and “sidekicks” to their respective family members, end up on a different Earth than their own.  Trying to cope with the vast differences and the thoughts of impending doom for themselves and their world, these two women spend years coming up with ways to better serve humanity and working on the off-chance to go home again.  Unknown to anyone else (yet) in the superhero community, they are the World’s Finest wonders.






Previously on World's Finest: Covering Issues #1 - #4


After being stranded on a different Earth, Helena and Kara begin to rebuild their lives by taking some money from Bruce Wayne’s personal accounts to help set up their existence.  Years later the two have settled into a routine they are comfortable with—Kara is now a business tycoon with access to some pretty spiffy technology, and Helena is shooting people with her crossbow.  The two are comfortable in their lives, but Kara still wants to go home to her own Earth, and has bought a company in Japan that has the supposed technology to do it—until the company comes under attack by a man who absorbs and exudes various forms of radiation.  

“Karen Starr” rushes to her newly acquired property with Helena in tow, both rushing into a fiery blaze, and notice that the facility was deliberately attacked, but not before the technology was destroyed.  Seeing the saboteur, the two fight and Kara is knocked out by some sort of radiation; Helena is able to intervene and save her life, but just barely, and not before the irradiated man escapes.  The two young wonders chase the irradiated man through a heavily populated area and out into sea, with Kara being thwacked to the side a few more times.  Helena is able to commandeer a United States naval ship and use its nuclear warheads to take down the bad guy.  

High Points

Connection of Two Worlds: I really enjoy how Kara and Helena are sort of bridging the gap between the two worlds, using the experiences they’ve had in one to make their lives survivable in the other while adapting to the drastic differences they don’t have any experience with.  I’m hoping that in the future there will be some way they—or others—can pass between the two realities, allowing for another “crisis” on multiple Earths to take place.  After all, if Michael Holt can travel to Earth 2, surely there should be away for our heroes to, too.

Low Points

Stealing Funds: I don’t really buy Helena’s calm demeanor concerning the raiding of Wayne family funds or her claims that Bruce will never notice their absence.  He’s Batman, and she knows he is; the guy is well known as being paranoid and a master of detection.  I doubt he’s going to just ignore portions—be they relatively small—of his money disappearing without proper authorization from himself or Luscious Fox.

Power Girl’s Costume Design: I’m not saying that the previous Power Girl costume design was much better, but at least it had style to it.  To me the big turn off on her new design is the been “PG” on her bust, as if to draw attention to it even more than the previous design did.

Flashbacks: While I think it is a good thing to show how far the two women have come since their being taken away from Earth 2, splicing it into the ongoing storyline that takes place in the present distracts from both the flashback and the main story, especially when done over several issues.  If you want to show a flashback, make a whole issue devoted to it—or two—but this intersecting within the main story situation makes it hard to follow at times.

Looking Ahead

Getting Back: Power Girl is taking a very keen interest in trying to get back to Earth 2, despite her fears that there’s nothing left for her and Helena to go back to.  She’s ready to believe that the radioactive man they’ve been fighting is somehow related to them being put on this Earth to begin with, and she seems unwilling to give up that possibility even if it kills her.

Encounters of the Superhero Kind: Given that Power Girl is essentially the same as Supergirl in terms of genetics and relation, I’ve got to wonder if the two of them are going to end up encountering one another and what kind of questions that will bring up for Clark Kent.





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