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Selected by the Guardians because of his great sense of will, Hal Jordan stands up for what is right and true in the universe.  Against all odds, and at the expense of his own personal life, he fights for justice across the stars and at home on Earth.  A daring test pilot with a history of willful disregard for regulations, Jordan is a member of a select corps destined to bring peace to the universe; he is a Green Lantern.





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The Guardians make Sinestro a Green Lantern once again, forcing him to utilize the power of will, so as to redeem himself for past activities.  Ganthet, the most outspoken of the Guardians—and creator of the Blue Lantern Corps as well as personal hero to several Lanterns—shows his disapproval of the move, causing the other Guardians to regard him as no longer fit to render judgment in galactic events.  The Guardians proceed to lobotomize Ganthet, stripping him of all emotions, so that he will no longer be driven by his heart.  Meanwhile, Hal Jordon is trying to make sense of his life back on Earth now that he’s been ousted from the Green Lantern Corps, and finds that he has trouble adjusting to just being a regular guy.  He tries to continue his relationship with Carol Ferris but has trouble finding the right way to go about it and ends up angering her when she mistakenly thinks he’s about to ask her to marry him (instead, he wanted help on a car loan).  Meanwhile, Sinestro looks at his homeworld of Korugar from a distance and sees the rage and mayhem his “Sinestro Corps” has wrought.  Vowing to free his world from his own creation, Sinestro shows up on Earth to persuade Hal to join him.

Despite having no powers, Hal tries to fight Sinestro but is easily defeated.  Sinestro forges a fake power ring for Hal, allowing his own willpower to be split between himself and the ring.  While Sinestro tries to convince Hal to help him out, Hal flies off to stop a disaster on a nearby bridge.  Sinestro has other plans, however, and stops Hal so that he may use his powers to repair the entire bridge with one go instead of just trying to save the people one at a time.  A Sinestro Corpsman leaps out of the water and attacks them both, but Sinestro easily defeats him, kills him, and destroys the power ring so it won’t find another.  Finally, he comes right out and asks for Hal’s help to which Hal reluctantly agrees.  The duo fly to Sinestro’s homeworld and devise a plan to shut down the main battery by having Hal fly a Green Lantern battery into the main casing, thereby shutting it down.  Just before the appointed time, Sinestro takes off to help a friend fight a corpsman while Hal heads to the Lantern battery, but the plan fails as Hal begins to slowly disintegrate.  Hal survives, barely, and both he and Sinestro are imprisoned; Sinestro is briefly tortured before being tossed into a cell with his fellow Korugarians, who all hate him for what he has brought to their world.

Hal suggests that Sinestro create more power rings for all the civilians so they can fight back, but once the civilians have the rings, they turn on Sinestro; it doesn’t take long for them to realize that he can’t be attacked by his own will.  Sinestro calls for his lantern, which kills several corpsman on the way, and they break out to fight the Sinestro Corps.  Sinestro’s lantern is thrown into the main battery core, causing a cascade overload which shuts down all of the rings in the corps, depowering the entire yellow army; however, the civilians don’t want Sinestro on their world anymore and exile him for eternity.  Hal returns home without a battery to recharge his fake ring, and Sinestro returns to Oa with the depowered Sinestro Corps in tow.  Meanwhile, secure in their plan for the future, the Guardians make to find the First Lantern, so that they may do away with the Green Lantern Corps and create a Third Army that will strictly do their bidding.

On Earth, Hal and Carol restart their relationship, happy to have their lives simple and without endless adventure.  Far away on the planet Ogord, Sinestro tracks down Lyssa Drak, keeper of the Book of the Black and stories throughout the universe.  He forces his former enemy, Starstorm, to help him locate the Sinestro corpsman, but in the ensuing battle, Sinestro sees a vision of what will come—of the Guardians destroying the Green Lantern Corps.  He heads to Earth to seek the help of Hal Jordon once again, but this time Hal doesn’t want to cooperate, regardless of the powers of the ring.  In the midst of trying to explain the situation, the Indigo Tribe show up and take both Hal and Sinestro with them.  Hal wakes up in a cell and is told by Black Hand (former villain and now Indigo Tribesman) that Sinestro will be reborn as a civilized member of society.

Sinestro tries to fight back against the tribesmen but fails.  He is eventually made to be part of the Indigo Tribe himself, while Hal uses Black Hand’s body as a way to escape his cell.  Hal sees a statue of Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who died before him in his sector of space, and then encounters Sinestro of the Indigo Tribe.  Hal escapes pursuit of the Tribe and seeks out to find the central power battery, deep in the jungles.  He encounters Natromo, the caretaker and friend of the late Abin Sur.  Natromo explains that the Indigo Tribe was created as a way to fight the Blackest Night, and that the Indigo rings were the one thing that could stop the Guardians when they made their final move to create a Third Army, for Indigo rings change a person.

When Natromo discovers that Abin Sur is dead and that the Guardians are almost ready, Natromo decides to pack it in and turns off the central battery, thereby freeing all of the Indigo Tribesmen from their redemption and back to their former lives as horrific criminals.  A revived Green Lantern Sinestro holds the criminals at bay while Hal convinces Natromo to rebuild the battery, but Black Hand runs off and gets himself killed before he is reprocessed; moments later, a Black Lantern power ring finds him.  Jordon convinces the Indigo Tribe to allow his “fake” ring to now be able to affect Sinestro. Meanwhile, Black Hand raises his family from the dead, and Sinestro and Jordan have a vision of the future from the Black Book and then are teleported to Black Hand’s location.

High Points

Sinestro: While he’s been a bad guy for a long time, the one thing that Sinestro has always had on his mind was the protection and wellbeing of his people, even if some of his ideas were misguided.  Now as a Green Lantern once again, liberating his people from the despicable acts carried out by his former corpsmen is foremost in his thoughts, to the point that he destroys the very thing he spent years creating.  I find his attitude and single-minded thoughtfulness to be a great addition to the Corps (and this comic).

Low Points

The Guardians: These little, blue guys are really starting to annoy me beyond all measure.  They always have to be right, even though it is clear that they’re wrong, and the way they lobotomized poor Ganthet just upsets me; forget being emotionless, these guys are cruel and it really brings the title down.

Looking Ahead

Hal’s Power Ring: When exactly (if ever) will Hal get a power ring of his own, because keeping Hal tethered to Sinestro is just a poor plot device if it is used too often.

The Guardians and their Third Army: This has been building throughout the Green Lantern titles, and I really want to know what happens when the Guardians unleash their Third Army?  And, if the Corps (and others) somehow defeat the Guardians, what will become of them?  They’re not likely to just stand aside and shut up if defeated; they think they have the right to organize the universe how they want, after all.

Hal and Carol: Now that Hal’s out hopping space once again, what will Carol do?  She put on the Star Sapphire ring, but will she retain it and look for Hal, or will she wait until he returns once again?



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