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Multi-billionaire playboy and philanthropist Oliver Queen, known for his innovative technologies, spends his days running away from his responsibilities and his nights shooting hypersonic arrows to fight crime.  He has no powers, no abilities, no special skills, but the backup of two friends and the trained eye of a marksman.  A mundane man in the world of the super-powered, he is the Green Arrow.





Previously on Green Arrow: Covering Issues #1 - #11


Emerson, the CEO of Queen Industries, is not happy with the actions of Oliver Queen and his division, Q-Core; he wants him to remain in the building and on task, but Ollie prefers to run around as Green Arrow.  Oliver’s in Paris, investigating three meta-humans who keep appearing in online videos promoting their violence, and Naomi provides long-distance logistical support.  He easily dispatches his foes, making sure to keep the civilians out of harm’s way, but he missed several calls from Emerson while out gallivanting in France; however, the meta-humans are soon busted by another named Rush, who wants to put Green Arrow in his place.  Two of his associates, Lime and Light, go up against Green Arrow without waiting for a coordinated attack and are put into jail easily by the suburban archer.

While Ollie tries to relax, Emerson barges in with his demands for the company and how Ollie isn’t pulling his weight.  Meanwhile, a relative newbie to the scene of meta-criminal behavior is invited by Rush and his crew to join in their latest online video, but he’s really used as bait to draw out Green Arrow.  Green Arrow shows up, but ends up with the entire fight being broadcast live on the Internet.  Naomi helps the emerald archer by turning out the lights throughout all of Seattle, and Arrow bests Rush and his gang by igniting fuel around them.  Arrow gives a message to all the viewers about how despicable he finds their desire to watch such activities online, and then steps on the wireless cameras with a vengeance.

Oliver talks to Jax, the weapons expert for him as Green Arrow, about opening a video game division within Q-Core, but it is a smokescreen to test new innovative technologies for his superhero ways.  Meanwhile, two unknowns talk about taking down Oliver Queen and one of them, a woman named Blood Rose, breaks into Q-Core’s corporate offices and runs into Oliver working late.  He escapes the initial onslaught and returns as Green Arrow, but she is able to track Naomi’s position without difficultly and brings a building down on Arrow to get away.  Her partner, Midas, chews her out for her behavior and decides to take matters into his own hands.  Meanwhile, Adrien, Oliver’s personal assistant, has been given veto power over Ollie’s decisions in order to get him back on track and stays late with him to get him into it; while walking out, they run into Midas and Ollie leaves, leaving Adrien behind so he can change into Green Arrow.

Arrow comes back to fight Midas but has a hard time tackling him due to his toxic skin.  He finally gets the upper hand by stabbing him with an arrow head through the jaw but is then taken by surprise by Blood Rose.  Arrow gets shot in the head, but not fatally, and the two escape.  After he recovers, Arrow uses Naomi to track down Blood Rose and Midas due to the fact that Blood Rose is really a robot.  He busts into their hideout and tears the place apart, disables Blood Rose easily with one of his arrows, and then blows her up.  Midas cradles the battered head of the robotic Blood Rose before instigating a self-destruct mechanism, Arrow barely escaping the conflagration.  Afterwards, it is seen that Midas survived and is trying to rebuild Blood Rose, while an unknown force watches Arrow relaxing upon a rooftop.

A bit later Arrow falls under attack by three triplets calling themselves Skylark, who end up inviting him to their father’s lab to discuss new weapons for him.  At first he refuses, but after dealing with his employees as Oliver, he decides to take them up on their offer and lets Naomi know he’s booking out.  He takes the Q-Core personal jet to Canada and has a four-way tryst with the sisters while inflight, but ends up fighting them after they get to the lab and loses.  They reprogram his jet to take off and crash, causing Emerson and everyone else to think that he’s dead.  One of the sisters helps him escape from the lab, and he fights off a bunch of genetically-altered wolves until coming back to the lab once more to meet their father, Leer.  Not long after, Arrow once again fights with the sisters and their father, but escapes with the one sister who has been helping him.

The fugitive duo run into some locals who have a problem with Leer and his ways, and Arrow convinces some of them to help him by giving him dynamite—after knocking some heads in a saloon.  One of the other sisters replaces the one that that’s been helping Arrow and feeds him misinformation, which leads him into a trap the next day; however, Arrow knew it was inevitable and blows up the mountain he’s on, causing an avalanche that buries Leer and his daughters while he’s rescued by Naomi in a helicopter.  Back home in Seattle, Emerson moves against Oliver and takes control of Q-Core now that he thinks Ollie is dead, but wait until he sees that the Queen is back in town.  Back in town, Green Arrow saves a woman, who believes she is a robot, from killing herself.  Further analysis shows that she has metal and circuitry under her skin, and she’s part of a whole series of sentient robots who are really people modified.  Green Arrow helps the “robots” remember that they’re human.

Soon after, Ollie partakes in a charity poker event at the Seattle Museum that’s robbed by a couple of crossbow-armed “Robin Hood” types, but Green Arrow follows them as they flee and busts them up.  Some onlookers agree that they shouldn’t be robbing people, but question Green Arrow’s commitment to actually helping the people of Seattle.  Meanwhile, Queen Industries is in major financial trouble, and Ollie is doing his best to take it back without it plummeting into foreclosure, including contemplating a deal with a Chinese mogul who wants to spy on his own people.

High Points

Action Sequences: There’s a lot of fast-paced action within this title, and it allows the story to flow really well within such a short amount of pages.  Despite being an archer, Green Arrow doesn’t rely on just his archery skills to take down the baddies, and it shows time and again.

Low Points

Playboyness: Bruce Wayne may act like a playboy as a cover, but Oliver Queen seems to relish at actually being one.  I was rather disappointed by his willingness to not only enjoy group sex with three sisters, but that he would take off his costume and mask in front of at least one of them.  His libido will be the death of him, and nearly has been.

Looking Ahead

Emerson and Q-Core: What will Emerson do now that Oliver’s back alive and ready to take control of his division again?  Legally, Emerson should not have been able to wrest control of the entire company until a verified death had been established, but that didn’t seem to stop him, so now he has to answer to Ollie.

Naomi and Jax: These two are clearly frustrated with their boss and his extracurricular activities, so why is it they keep coming to help him?  He doesn’t seem to treat them well; he just acts as though they’re expected to give him their free time and attention, and that’s likely to come back and bite him in the rear when he least expects it.





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