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52 Catch Up: Voodoo

Voodoo 152 Catch Up is a series devoted to looking at issues from DC's New 52 and seeing how they're faring now that they're underway, why they're worth reading (or not), and places we hope they will go in time.





An undercover Daemonite-hybrid operative tasked with collecting information about Earth’s meta-humans poses as an exotic dancer in post-Katrina New Orleans.  Using her body to get what she wants from the men around her, and her combat skills against those not taken in by her beauty, she works towards the greater destiny of the Daemonite invasion.  She is their best experiment and greatest internal threat: she is Voodoo.





Previously on Voodoo: Covering Issues #1 - 9



Voodoo, also known as Priscilla Kitaen, works as an exotic dancer in post-Katrina New Orleans, using the position as a way to study men and how they think.  Two Black Razor agents—Tyler Evans and Jessica Fallon—watch her performance, suspecting her of being an alien spy.  Evans decides to try and spook Voodoo into turning herself in during a private dance in the back room, but when Voodoo sees what he has planned for her in his mind, she freaks out and kills him, then assumes his identity to learn more information from Fallon.  After pretending to be Evans and having a fling with Fallon, she discovers a lot of information concerning the Black Razors, but not enough to finish her mission.  She escapes pursuit and hitchhikes to a seedy service station somewhere in Alabama to meet her contact, known as “Skinny,” but is immediately attacked by Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) who is investigating transmissions being sent into deep space.

After a quick bout with Kyle, Skinny provides a distraction to let Voodoo get away so she can complete her mission.  She moves on to a secure government facility and breaks in via the air ducts, sneaks past the internal patrols, and seduces a nerdy technician to gain access to the facility’s computers.  It doesn’t take her long to transfer all of the files concerning meta-humans and superheroes to a flash drive, and then she installs a virus, destroying the computer network and creating chaos in the facility.  She manages to get down to the central power core and knock it out, causing the need for a facility-wide evacuation, allowing her to blend into the crowd and escape the notice of the Black Razors on site.  She then makes her way to a Daemonite ship that is buried underground to send her information to the War Council, but comes head-to-head with a Daemonite-possessed human who believes all hybrids are a mistake and attempts to kill her; he doesn’t succeed.

At the last minute, however, she discovers that there’s a file on her among the information she intends to transmit.  She looks at it and discovers that she’s not the original Priscilla, that she’s a clone of a real human, which is currently being held captive by the Black Razors.  Unsure of her life anymore, she stops the transmission and blows up the ship while she heads to the War Council’s flagship in orbit behind the Earth’s moon.  Meanwhile, Fallon and a fellow Black Razor with superpowers—Black Jack—break out the original Priscilla (who I shall refer to as Voodoo Prime) to help track down Voodoo Clone.  Their top-level boss, Lincoln of the Black Hawks, gives them some leeway to get results but isn’t very happy about it.

Back to Voodoo Clone, she arrives on the other Daemonite warship and encounters Skinny again.  A brief exchange takes place before she kills him due to believing she’s messed up and then ventures forward to speak with the War Council.  The guards outside the chambers refuse her entry, so she starts rampaging her way through until she gains admittance.  The War Council doesn’t believe she should still be alive and tries to take her out after showing her that she is the product of several cloning and genetic experiments, but she fights back with a vengeance, destroying all of the cloning facilities aboard the ship.  Finally, the War Council gives her a new position: commander of all of Earth’s hybrids, which she gracefully takes, because she still believes in the Daemonite cause.  She heads back to Earth, just in time to come face-to-face with Black Jack, Fallon, and Voodoo Prime.

Voodoo Clone defends herself from Black Jack and beheads him without a second thought, causing Fallon to start to lose it.  Fallon pretends to use Voodoo Prime as a hostage to get Clone to cooperate, but Clone doesn’t seem to care; in the end, Prime gets away from Fallon and runs, and despite an impassioned fight between the two of them, Fallon is killed easily in the end.  Voodoo Prime comes back in the end, but before she can really do anything, the Black Razors bust onto the scene and chase Clone away.  Prime believes she’s about to be recaptured but, instead, is offered a spot on the team.  When she goes back to talk to her parents about it—and the rest of her life—she finds Voodoo Clone in her family’s home, blood splattered all over the walls, but it’s just a nightmare.  Voodoo Clone is in South America and talking to Helspont (see Grifter and Superman) about the dead city of the Daemonites and a special weapon there.  Voodoo Prime seems to have a telepathic connection with her clone and is aware of the dead city and leads a group of Black Razors in pursuit.

High Points

Nothing: I try to give every comic I read a chance to impress me, or at least capture my attention to make me keep reading—the plot, the artwork, the premise, anything—but I just couldn’t find one good high point with this line at all.  I wish I could give you something that makes reading it worthwhile, but I couldn’t find a single thing worth investing time and money on this series.

Low Points

Characters: The characters are too clichéd, too much written in the Mary Sue format that none of their decisions and emotions are surprising.  There’s nothing to make me want to identify with or feel any kind of empathy toward them, and I have often found myself actually hoping for a character’s demise just to get them out of the way.

Excessive Cheesecake: There’s way too much in the order of revealing fan-service to make me even consider that it’s essential to the plot of the series.  Even given that she was an exotic dancer in the first issue, the rest of the time shows her revealing way too much of her body for any practical purposes.  It’s not even until the seventh issue that she gets some sort of battle armor after gaining her new mission, but it still doesn’t explain why her body needs to be shown so much.

Looking Ahead

New Mission: Now that she’s convinced the War Council to give her another chance, Voodoo Clone’s been given a new mission, but what exactly is the new mission?  It’s been mentioned that she will be in charge of all of the hybrids on Earth, but to what end?  And, will she also have dominance over undercover full Daemonites?

Black Razors: Now that Voodoo Prime has been offered a spot on the Black Razors, what exactly is she going to do?  All this time she’s been saying that she just wants it all to end, to be away from it all, but she keeps getting thrust into the middle of it all.  Will she let it dominate her newfound freedom as well, or will she find some way to work against both the Black Razors and the Daemonites until she gets what she wants?

Grifter?: Given that she’s been working to further the Daemonite cause on Earth, and Grifter has been working to destroy the Daemonites on Earth, will the two of them eventually clash?  Will they be pitted against one another in dramatic battle, and who will one?



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