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Kristine Chester (309)

Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream


Flee coverWhen last we saw our heroes, Commander Flick Fleebus and his robot companion Trion were preparing for an all-out war to retrieve the Nexus Sphere from their enemies, the Krill. Meanwhile, bug exterminator Rigby Pinkerton was getting ready to wage his own war against what he perceived to be a bug infestation but was, in fact, Flick and the Krill armada.


Ghost 1For a first issue, Ghost #1 is confusing. It feels like there's a piece missing and many scenes take a page or two to figure out only for them to move on to another equally confusing scene. I later learned that there was an Issue #0 which started off this series of Ghost. Excepting the DC New 52 #0s, most #1s find a way to incorporate anything vitally important from Issue #0, so as not to discourage new readers. Ghost does not do this. Despite the fact this is the “first” of a “four” parter, go back and read Ghost #0, so more of the story will make sense.


SW Agent of the EmpireHis name is Cross. Jahan Cross. Agent in service to the Empire. Cross undertakes deep stealth missions to uncover corruption and stop threats to the Empire with the help of Imperial Intelligence's latest gadgets and weaponry.

DishonoredSkulking through shadows, lining up your perfect kill, and, oh yeah, freezing time and teleporting across rooms to your heart's content. Dishonored is another in a growing trend of assassin games, but it offers plenty of new concepts to the genre. After the Empress is murdered and the blame pinned on you, her protector, you don a mask and set out to eliminate those behind the conspiracy that killed her and ruined your life, one by one . . .


Womanthology Space 2After the rousing success of Womanthology: Heroic, it comes as no surprise that additional volumes would release or that they would be just as good. Unlike Heroic, Space is being released in individual issues. I actually prefer this format, even if the full volume looks nicer on a bookshelf. It's a lot easier to pick up an issue and read three stories instead of the dozens right after one another, and the issue still include the same great comic creation tips, bonus artwork, and information about the authors as the complete volume.


Not My BagFrom Sina Grace, artist of L'il Depressed Boy, Books with Pictures, and Cedric Hollow, comes a story about working retail, the baggage we carry, and moving forward through life.


FTL with ReviewFTL is a rogue-like space exploration and survival game that began as a Kickstarter earlier this year. You play as a Federation starship with the mission to deliver vital information to the fleet with the Rebel armada in hot pursuit. The interface is relatively simple with you moving crew members from stations aboard the ship and repairing damage while making use of the ship's systems like weapons, shields, and engines to overcome obstacles before jumping to the next star system. The game has some RPG elements where systems can be upgraded and new items bought at stores to increase your effectiveness.


Synergy Banner and ReviewWhen high school student Chase Cassidy's grandfather suddenly passes on, Chase inherits a storage shed once owned by him. Inside, he discovers a superpowered costume and dons it to become the hero known as Synergy.


Boston Metphysical SocietyThe year is 1895, and Boston is inhabited by ghosts (or Protoplasmic Trans-Dimensional Phase Shifters as Tesla calls them). Samuel Hunter, with the help of a spirit medium named Caitlin O'Sullivan and armed with the inventions of Granville Woods, is able to track down, draw out, and destroy these beings, for a price.


Fanboys vs Zombies 7In this issue, it's more like Fanboys vs. Fanboys as the Wrecking Crew comes to Comic-Con, or at least the zombie-apocalypse version of it.

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