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Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream


Technomancer 1Technology destroyed the world, and so the people of Virdis Valley have demonized it, burning at the stake anyone foolish enough to dig up the tools from that forgotten time. Merrick is a magician, or, more accurately, a con artist that makes use of technology by pretending it's magic. Traveling along with his assistant, Thaddeus Kidd, Merrick is about to be swept up in a larger adventure when a woman from a far away land falls out of the sky and into his life.


Star Wars 6Things are looking bleak for our heroes of the Rebellion. Han Solo and Chewbacca are being hunted on Coruscant by stormtroopers and bounty hunters alike. When a secret mission goes wrong, Leia is left injured and floating adrift in her X-Wing with no hope of getting back to the Rebel fleet. Who will get to her first? Reinforcements from her squad or the Star Destroyer hunting them?

The short review is: this comic is great, it looks amazing, and it does incredible things with Leia. Go and read it.

Minor Spoilers Below

Brian K VaughanThe Top Four series looks at certain aspects of the comic book world from two perspectives: Rob’s, as a relative newcomer to mainstream comics, and Kristine’s, as an older hand in the world.  Each installment evaluates the top four choices from both Rob and Kristine and why they chose their picks.

By Robert J. Baden and Kristine Chester



While many enjoy the colorful and unique artwork of comic books, it is important to remember that without the writers behind them, they wouldn’t be the heroes and villains that we love and hate so much. Over the course of our time reading and reviewing comic books for FBC (and for our own personal enjoyment), we have come to find a handful of writers that we feel are the top talent, regardless of the genre they’ve written for, for many reasons that we will now share with you.


Ehmm Theory 2Gabriel Ehmm died, and then he was given a mission from God (okay, Saint Peter) and sent back to Earth with a talking kitten named Mr. Whispers (also dead) to take out monsters and stuff, but Gabe and Whispers ran into an old Russian lady named Alyona who is about to clue Gabe into a much larger purpose.

Hell to PayAfter Nancy Kerr's family is murdered and she is left dying after being raped, tortured, and stabbed, Nancy decides the only possible way she can deal with what's happened to her is to get revenge.

I want to make it clear up front that I have never been the victim of a crime the likes of which Nancy Kerr or millions of other women have been. I've been lucky in that regard, so my opinion on Hell to Pay's message is going to be different from someone who might “get” what Jenny Thomson was aiming for in her book.


Declan and Chang 3Billy Declan and Elvis Chang are two cybernetically enhanced, bada-- space mercenaries who are not afraid to answer the threat of violence with more violence followed by some gratuitous violence followed by just a little more violence to be sure. Things get really out of hand on a job leading them to lose the gear they were supposed to recover and get their a--es kicked by a genetically engineered woman. The two retreat to their adopted daughter, Luisa, for repairs when the entirety of a corrupt police force comes for them.


The Art of Remember MeRemember Me is the upcoming video game from DONTNOD Entertainment set in the year 2084 when social media has evolved to the point of recording and sharing memories. Nilin is a memory hunter, one of a select few able to not only steal memories, but alter them. Although we still have another day to wait until Remember Me's June 4th release date, we're able to get a sneak peek at this amazing game through products like The Art of Remember Me.


Star Trek Video Game 2Dix (FBC Contributor Brandon Perdue): After the amount of yammering on I’ve done about Star Trek games, I would be remiss to not review Star Trek: The Video Game, based on JJ Abrams’s version of the franchise and bridging (some of) the gap between the 2009 movie and this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. The game was described at E3 as a “bro-op,” alluding to the highly cooperative nature of the Kirk-and-Spock-centered gameplay the game intends. To adequately explore this, I called on my friend and fellow Trekker Kristine Chester of Fanboy Comics to help protect New Vulcan from Gorn invaders.


TF Beast Hunters 1When war finally leaves Cybertron, a few Transformers are left behind to fend for themselves on a dying world with little energon, archaic weapons, and many others willing to fight to take from others what they can get.


Amalas Blade 2Oh my god, that dead monkey! I'd read this comic for the little ghost alone. Amala's Blade is the story of Amala, the greatest assassin in all the land, at least to hear her tell it. Amala sees ghosts of everyone and everything she's killed (including that monkey!) as they haunt her. After being sent on a contract to kill Lady Strawbale, the highest-ranking Purifier noblewoman, Amala finds herself in quite a bit of trouble when a group of Modifier soldiers catch up with her and are about to make her life a living hell.

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