‘Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift #3’ - Advance Comic Book Review (The Indignity of Other People’s Problems!)

Adventure Time has all of the best variant covers. Just look at the work of Reimena Yee, Molly Ostertag, Leela Wagner, and Jensine Eckwall for this issue of Marceline Gone Adrift. They're gorgeous and most of them support the best unofficial official former pairing of Adventure Time. I believe the appropriate response for all of them is: squee!

After being possessed by a supernatural force, Marceline went on a rampage in the Land of Ooo, which only ended when the woman she has the longest history with, Princess Bubblegum, launched her into space.

This issue is gloriously angst filled. Marceline, a character who might as well have invented angst, is having a rough time of it: trapped on a redless chunk of rock a gazillion miles away from her home planet; betrayed by one of her closest friends; and she actually has to walk. Life is no kinder to Finn who believes he said some rather cruel things to Marceline and finds himself all alone, thanks to the same supernatural power that sent Marceline on a rampage. And, Cinnamon Bun . . . actually, things are pretty great for Cinnamon Bun.

Artist Carey Pietsch draws an adorable comic. Even among all the angst and serious business as the story is pushed forward, many characters find moments to be happy, nerdy, or in awe, and Pietsch captures these moments in such a way that will melt your heart. Pietsch's brightly colored, more storybook-style rendition of Adventure Time is a perfect fit for the franchise, and her new designs for setting and characters could not be more perfectly quirky.

Meredith Gran must have giggled as much writing this script as I did reading the completed issue. As always, her dialogue is amazing and dripping with quotable lines. I can't think of a writer who has made better use of Adventure Time's minor characters. Cinnamon Bun steals every scene he's in, and Peppermint Butler is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters based on this series alone.

I can't say enough good things about Marceline Gone Adrift. If you're any kind of Adventure Time fan, this is a series you need to read.

Five Canisters of Syrup Fuel out of Five!

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