‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Episode 9 – Reality Bomb’ Review

Katelyn (Kit Quinn) is a woman who hit her head and now thinks she's the superhero Trinity Infinity. Her friends - Lilly (Lola Binkerd), Paul (David Dickerson), and Silvia (Tallest Silver) - have been trying to help her cope with life by using elaborate comic book scenarios while Paul's ex-girlfriend, Morgan (Megan Alyse), has been trying to snap Katelyn back into reality. Their back-and-forth struggle finally comes to a head in the final episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy.

First off, I have to say how sad I am to see this series wrap up. Each episode has had a little something unique to offer, and every one of them has made me laugh. This episode is no exception, as Morgan's Committee of Evil Doers and Katelyn's Galactic Rangers do battle and teach us all why it's a bad idea to incorporate real weapons into cosplay, but probably not a bad idea to go for real armor. The jokes come quickly in this episode and use more general humor and less geek-specific humor (although Paul's curse of choice is a notable and hilarious exception) that nonetheless hit all the right notes.

The bulk of the episode is focused on wrapping up character arcs, and, rest assured, none of the main cast is left out. Not everyone's story wraps up the way you'd originally think either. I was pleasantly surprised at the last-minute turns some of the arcs took and their resolutions. “Reality Bomb” hits a lot of the Sweethearts trademark moments I've come to love: Paul once again ends up as the universe's butt monkey (Poor, Paul. The boy really needs a hug); Morgan and Lilly trade sarcastic jabs; Silv gets to eat cake; and, most importantly of all, the episode hits on a deeper theme, asking viewers to think about the differences between reality and imagination, self-perception, and confidence in a scene that is as sweet as it is thought provoking.

I won't say any more for fear of spoiling something, but if, for some reason, you have yet to watch Sweethearts of the Galaxy, I highly recommend checking out the entire series here, or now as part of the Nerd-O-Rama Network. Thank you to the entire Sweethearts cast and crew for creating such a fun web series!

Five Spandex and Vinyl Nightmares out of Five

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