Tesladyne Field Report: ‘Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #2’

Fact: Red 5 is running low on pink ink after this issue.

Fact: Dr. Dinosaur is a dangerous, genius idiot.

Fact: Anything that can go wrong will.

Fact: It's hard to stop staying, “Fact” once you've started.


This is a slower-paced issue of Atomic Robo, but you can see where it's lit the fuse for some much, much bigger developments. Besides, it gives us more quality time with Dr. Dinosaur whose brand of insanity is oh, so sweet. I swear he seems more crazy with the addition of his fancy crystal hat and butt piece. The banter between him and the Action Scientists is great, and the group's brainstorm on how the hollow earth or Dr. Dinosaur's minions exist is interrupted by his more insane theories of crystals and magma worms. It's these interactions that are the highlight of this issue and is exactly what we all wanted from a series that had Dr. Dinosaur's name in the title.

Bernard is the best. The Action Scientist ,who is more about science than action, has a field day between all the strange crystals and rocks (He is a geologist.) and batting back and forth theories. Bernard surprised me because he looks delighted and full of wonder most of this issue, instead of scared out of his wits like we've all come to expect. Has Bernard finally snapped?

While Wegener's art is as good as ever, I'm not all that impressed with the hollow earth thus far. It's very . . . pink. The color saturation and the crude crystal designs are thus far the most boring setting in Atomic Robo history, the notable exception being the city of Atvatabar, which is notably less pink, and looks like the most advanced prehistoric city of all time.

But, that's not all. S--t is going down back at Tesladyne Island. The interesting observation is made regarding how PR has been Robo's biggest defense from organizations like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) taking him apart and now his PR has soured. But, it's not the NRC that's the biggest threat, as Majestic 12 has stepped back in, and I have a feeling Tesladyne is going to be looking for a new address by the end of this arc.

Further Research

Two new episodes of the Nuts & Bolts podcast are up covering The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1 and #2.

Atomic Robo: Last Stop is now online! (Sort of.) The audio on the correct version isn't great, but the visuals are amazing, and an updated version is set to come out soon.

Also, since the last field report The Tesladyne Recruitment Drive came and went on Kickstarter, raising $135,820 for a $7,500 project. What can I say, people like Robo even after the whole 8-11 incident. This means we have an actual Tesladyne Field Guide (no relation to this series) coming soon consisting of 64 pages with brand new art and even some articles from actual scientists.

Until next time, remain calm and trust in science.

Kristine Chester, Chief Liaison to Tesladyne

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