'Destiny's Fate #2:' Comic Book Review


Destinys Fate 2Kainoa, a.k.a. Nile, has the ability to control time. He was adopted into the Defenders of the Fourth Dimension, an organization that seeks to preserve time and maintain fate, but as a child he was kidnapped and raised with his “siblings” to believe fate is what you make it and to fight against the Defenders. Now, Kainoa has been tasked with infiltrating the Defenders in order to destroy them from the inside.

The good news is this issue addressed all of my plot concerns from the first. Kainoa's complicated familial relationships are explained, and I understand his place in the entire piece, though its complexity feels a tad unnecessary to me. The plot unfolds in some cool ways, introducing more character points and providing the necessary set-up to learning more about the Defenders and the means for Kainoa to take them down. Destiny's Fate continues to deliver some excellent fight scenes. The choreography and fighting styles really make these scenes fun and engaging.

This time I wasn't as thrilled with the art. Character designs fluctuate and the high emotion displayed by the characters in this issue did not work with the style. The characters often look a bit deformed when they're supposed to be yelling at the top of their lungs or are ready to burst into tears. I only felt this way for one of the scenes of the issue, so it might be an isolated incident; however, I still adored the setting and prop designs for the characters. Everything from clothes (I'd love to own Ravage's Kimono.) to weapons look fantastic, as do the coloring and the special effect design for time jumping. I'm nitpicking on what's overall a beautiful book.

This is an excellent addition to the Destiny's Fate series which finishes providing the necessary setup to move forward in the plot. I was personally a little bummed out that there wasn't time travel to a new part of history but readily accept that this issue was necessary. Plus, now I can go forward understanding how the characters relate to one another and can better watch the ensuing drama, and action, unfold. More information about Destiny's Fate, including where to purchase the first two issues, can be found at www.destinysfatecomic.com.



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