'Hypernaturals #5:' Comic Book Review


Hypernaturals 5In the far flung future, the Quantinuum, a computer of incalculable processing power, binds the universe together. Science has advanced to the point that many individuals possess powers, either through genetic means or as the product of technology. A group of these superpowered individuals guard the Quantinuum and preserve peace in the universe. They are the Hypernaturals.


The flashback this issue focuses on Thinkwell and how he came to be a Hypernatural. Unlike the Bewilder or Clone program intros of Issues #2 and #4, this one didn't particularly stand out to me, but the facts introduced fit in with what has been introduced about Thinkwell's character and shed some light on his thought process (as we are able to comprehend it) and powers.

Now that Clone 45 has rejoined them in the present day, the Hypernaturals continue to follow-up on what happened to the missing Hypernatural team. Their latest clue, given to them by the supervillain Sublime, leads them to chat with the Quantinuum itself. Talked up every issue of the series so far, the full details of what the Quantinuum is and what it does didn't sink in until this issue, and the visuals of the computer itself made it easy to believe its capable of running the universe and is the most impressive shot of the issue.

Meanwhile, Prismatica continues to break Sublime out of prison to secure his assistance in re-aging her husband. The tension between them as hated enemies who have to rely on one another is an interesting dynamic that needed to be played up more. Like the Quantinuum, Sublime has been talked up since the beginning, and at the top of my next issue wish list is seeing him let loose and prove he's worthy of all the fear he's inspired.

My personal highlight of the issue was once again Clone 21. Her reappearance was a pleasant surprise this early on, and she continues to prove how bada-- and cool she is. Issue #5 has an interesting dynamic in that it feels like the end of the first story arc is near, but Hypernaturals as a series feels like it's just getting warmed up.



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