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'Archeologists of Shadows Volume II: Once a Nightmare' Review


Archeologists of Shadows V2Archeologists of Shadows is set in a world that is slowly being overtaken by mechanization, the process where organic life turns into machines. According to the Authorities, this is how the gods want it. Members of the Resistance, known as Archeologists, fight back with the Archeologists of Light actively opposing the Authorities while the Archeologists of Shadows look for a means to undo mechanization. Their search led them to Baltimo and Alix, known as the Alter Egos, who supposedly have the ability to contact the gods themselves. When we last left our heroes, they were making their first attempt.

Welcome to the Oniric world. This realm of dreams and nightmares is incredible as Baltimo and Alix take control of their very identities and become the Alter Egos they were meant to be. Both characters are fleshed out in this volume and not through heavy exposition but through subtle use of metaphors as they encounter and, quite literally, overcome their nightmares. Baltimo and Alix's sense of humor and concern for one another worked for me this time, making me genuinely care about them and excited and scared of where their journey will take them.

Archeologists of Shadows V2 AI don't have the words to do Clarey's art style justice, but his designs for the denizens of the nightmare prove that his style can adapt to any setting. All of the Oniric scenes are breathtaking, and every time I thought I had found the best page of the issue, it was outdone by the next and then the next. The grand scenes of nightmares and war are awesome in the quite literal inspiring of awe, with incredible use of setting, colors, and textures to tell the story in the coolest looking way possible. There were a couple of scenes where the models/sculpture used were a little too obvious, which shattered my immersion, but these scenes are rare and the art later in the book more than makes up for these few weak points.

Archeologists of Shadows II: Once a Nightmare and Archeologists of Shadows I: The Resistance are both available digitally through Septagon Studios for $0.99 each, complete with a 60-page volume and over 40 pages of background information into the comics' unique art style and design.





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