'Hypernaturals #4:' Advance Comic Book Review


Hypernaturals 4Hypernaturals is a sci-fi, superhero, mystery, action—let's stop and just say it's got a little bit of everything. The Hypernaturals are superpowered and trained individuals who guard the Quantinuum, the massive computer system that provides communication and knowledge to all ofthe planets; it's like a galactic internet only a gazillion times smarter.

For me this issue is all about how bada-- the Clones are. Clone 45 shows how he earned his position as the previous Hypernatural team's combat specialist, but he wasn't my favorite Clone of this issue; that honor belongs to a past Clone, number 21. Only one of the numbered Clones can be active at any one time, and 21's story takes place decades ago when the Hypernaturals intervened in a border skirmish. Clone 21 kicks a ton of a--, does so while making quips like Spider-Man, and defies many of the expectations for female heroes in look and personality, unlike Bewilder, Halfshell, and the other women introduced so far. The rest of this past team looked interesting, too, and I loved the banter between these characters. I was actually disappointed when the flashback ended and the story refocused on the current Hypernaturals team, but, fortunately, it doesn't look like Clone 21 and her team's story is finished, so we may get more of them in later issues.

Speaking of wanting more, the introduction to the Hypernaturals' archenemy, Sublime, was fantastic. He managed to come across as confident, intelligent, and a little bit evil, all great traits for a good villain. I'm not thrilled by his character design, which looks . . . dumb, but hopefully that is related to his incarceration, and he won't always look like he's wearing a shaving cream beard.

Besides these standout characters, this issue delivers the same high quality I've come to expect of Hypernaturals. The dialogue is snappy and intelligent with a sometimes offbeat sense of humor. (By the way, Shoal has the best line of the issue. I didn't think he had it in him) The art looks great, rendering excellent action scenes and tense dialogue alike in a style that feels very late '90s Marvel comics to me. My few gripes would be that splitting the issue down the middle hurt the present day story, which felt rushed in some areas. And, as someone who missed last issue, I wasn't really sure what was going on, though it was enough to know these are the heroes, these are the bad guys, and now they're going to fight in order to enjoy the issue, but I'd still recommend going back and getting some context to this issue's events.

In summation, if you like comics, you should check out Hypernaturals. It has some of the most interesting powersets and best written female characters you're going to find in a story with superheroes, and it has the action chops and excellent dialogue to back it up. Oh, and if you're reading this, BOOM! Studios, I will pay good money for more Clone 21. I need my snarky, bada-- mohawk chick fix!



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