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Sparrow Crowe Issue 2When last we left our hero, occult detective Doctor Xander Crowe was hired by infamous mob boss Don Marino to exorcise the demon possessing his daughter, but Crowe soon learns it's not just any demon, but Adramelech, the same being that left its mark on Crowe years ago.

The final panel of Issue #1 hit hard; its art was incredibly creepy and vividly showed off the deterioration that comes with demon possession. In Issue #2, Jared Souza is able to deliver again with art which could rival any horror title on the shelves. One of my initial concerns for adapting the Wormwood universe to a visual medium was that the artist would be unable to capture the horrific, alien scenes described in the audio drama, but any doubts I had have been alleviated after this issue. Souza's art brings to life the stuff of nightmares, which makes it easy to understand why the good doctor is always trying to crawl inside a whiskey bottle to escape the things he's seen.

In this issue, Crowe's story largely consists of delivering pertinent backstory and being in dramatic mode instead of his usual, snarky a--hole mode. While this side of Crowe may be less fun, it's a great way to show the character as multifaceted and really highlights the psychological damage he's undergone at the hands of Adramelech, and how difficult it is for him to face the demon again.

That's not to say David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers don't find room for sarcasm. Sparrow, Crowe's assistant, has a much larger part in this issue, as Crowe tasks her with finding some components he needs if he's to free Amanda Marino from Adramelech. Sparrow is paired up with one of Marino's thugs, Marcelo DiFalco. DiFalco is no Jimmy Details, but he does a great job of providing a foil for Sparrow, since he's in over his head but is clever and quite the smarta-- himself. Their banter provides a welcome levity from Crowe's story and is a lot of fun.

Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles #2 will be released on September 26 and can be found at select retailers (or with pre-orders); it will also be available through Comixology in October. In the meantime, it's the perfect time to catch up with Issue #1, which is available digitally through Comixology.




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