'Flee:' A Comic Book Review


Flee 1Flee is the story of two down-on-their-luck guys given the chance to be heroes, and one of them just happens to be an alien. Rigby Pinkerton is a bug exterminator who unknowingly is about to become part of an interstellar war between two races, the Sect and the Krill, while Flick Fleebus, a failed Sect military cadet, is placed in the position of potential savior to his people. The two stories begin independently to their detriment, as Flick's story comes across as a dime a dozen sci-fi story and Rigby's life is terribly mundane, but when they intersect at the end of the first issue, it leads to some really memorable moments as the seemingly generic stories act as a vehicle for a rarely explored concept in sci-fi. I'd love to say more, but it's worth getting to the experience yourself.

Raphael Moran's dialogue is excellent. You can practically hear the difference between Rigby and all those in suburbia and the epic sci-fi story Flick is a part of. The story may be epic in tone, but there is also a lot of humor in Flee similar to many of the best sci-fi action films. Flick's robot companion, Trion, is by far the best written and most amusing character with the best take on the snarky, jerk robot I've seen since Knights of the Old Republic's HK-47.

Both races, the Krill and the Sect, are well designed with their equipment and environments being familiar enough for readers to understand, but different enough to show that a lot of time was put into designing these species. This translates into the art as a whole, which is well detailed and vibrantly colored. Action scenes are fast-paced and manage to keep the story moving right along, though, as a consequence, Flee lacks the same level of choreography as some other titles.

The first issue of Flee is available for download on Comixology for $1, with additional issues scheduled to release at the end of every month. While the first issue starts off a little slow, it's well worth checking out for the setup and for the rest of the story to follow.



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