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‘TMNT: Mutanimals #1’ - Comic Book Review

Just when I thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic book series couldn't get any better, the franchise goes and starts another awesome storyline starring Hob and his collection of mutants.  And, if you're following along with the ongoing TMNT storyline (See my other reviews.), Mutanimals #1 contains some great backstory. 

Our series begins with a bang, or rather a kidnapping!  Lindsay is wanted by an ex-girlfriend of hers to help with "mutant research," but dimwitted Pigeon Pete spills the beans about Lindsay already working for Hob's Mutanimals.  And, when the Slash, Mondo Gecko, and Herman the Hermit Crab come to rescue their friends, Hob knows exactly what "research" Lindsay's ex-girlfriend is covering up . . .

I must admit, I really admire Paul Allor's story as well as his humor.  I haven't laughed this hard at a comic book before, so kudos to him.  I also appreciate his willingness to write an openly gay character into his storyline.  As a gay writer myself, it's nice to see fellow authors discuss sexuality without hesitation.  I must also congratulate artist Andy Kuhn for his beautiful start to a series I will know look forward to every month.  And, with colors by Nick Filardi, I feel as though I'm reading a comic book created by Team TMNT themselves.  Seriously, bravo to all. 

In the meantime, I will look forward to next month's continuation of TMNT: Mutanimals, but, until then, I can't wait to add the beginning of this series to my constantly expanding book shelf. 

See you next month!


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