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‘Faithless #1:’ Comic Book Review

Alish Karr is an anomaly in the world of Adrahstea; rather than being demon, angel, or human, she is a unique human/angel hybrid with no memories of her past or even where she originated. Alish survives by working as an “outside consultant” for the Jericho Intelligence Bureau, but her job is on the line after yet another dead bounty when she loses control over a mysterious power that randomly takes over her body.  She’s also involved with the son of Jericho’s demon governor, but she’s realized that her boy-toy is more into her than she’s into him.  Where does Alish fit in her world, and how can she channel her inner power to avoid disastrous results?

Faithless hooked me from the moment I read the plot synopsis. Kicka-- female character? Who uses Steampunk prosthetics? And, has angel wings? And, suffers from a mysterious/hidden past? I was so there! Jim Vargas’ first issue delivered on its promises, and I found it an easy, engaging read. 

Alish fits the definition of a “strong character” in all senses of the term; she is physically strong and also has enough development to feel fully realized as an individual. In her relationship with Samiel, Alish has agency and she clearly is with him by choice, not just because women exist to support men. In fact she fills the more traditionally masculine role in their pairing, although her own insecurities create most of the imbalance between the two.

The artwork in Faithless is great in most panels and truly breathtaking in the watercolor shots at the beginning of the book. While Alish’s costume and poses are often a little pin-uppy, they rarely seem physically impossible. While I personally would not wear a skirt for hand-to-hand combat, Vargas makes it work effectively without constantly using it as an excuse for gratuitous panty shots. He also has fun creating a variety of character designs in his world of non-humans, and there are several designs for both angels and demons rather than just using one or two templates.

Overall, I thought Faithless was a fun romp in a pseudo-Biblical fantasy world. I definitely want to see how Alish’s story continues and look forward to new installments of the exciting series. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Issue #2, so we can all get more of her unique narrative!

4.5 Prosthetic Angel Feet out of 5

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