Higher Earth #3: Advance Comic Book Review


Higher Earth 3Who doesn't love futuristic sci-fi, where the heroes travel from world to world fighting dinosaurs and bounty hunters? Sam Humphries delivers another awesome issue of his action-packed sci-fi series, Higher Earth. Humphries has rocketed to stardom as a top writer at several of the major publishers since the debut of his Image book, Our Love is Real, and he deserves all of the praise he gets, as he is one fantastic writer. He somehow manages to build this awesome new multiverse filled with incredible characters while keeping the book moving at a brisk pace and never shying away from intense, bloody action.

Francesco Biagni's art really brings all of Humphries' crazy ideas to life, too. Whether he's drawing sweeping, dinosaur-packed action sequences or small character moments, his art is beautiful and really conveys emotion. This books is a great read for sci-fi, fantasy, and action fans alike, as its unique blend of genres centers around what's most important: strong, likeable characters and an interesting plot. Also, did I mention it has dinosaurs? I love dinosaurs! Higher Earth, read it!



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