Mind the Gap #3: Advance Comic Book Review


Mind the Gap 3Jim McCann used to work in soap operas, and he told me once in an interview that comics, even superhero comics, are just soap operas with more action. He went on to give examples of how many long-lost twins and comas and bouts of amnesia could be found in both comics and soap operas. Well, it looks like Jim has finally made a true soap opera comic in Mind the Gap, and it is awesome. Like a soap opera, Mind the Gap has a big cast of characters who all have their own secret motives and dark secrets. Unlike a soap opera, Mind the Gap has extraordinary elements like an entire world that takes place in the psyche of coma patients. Yeah, you read that right, this book is trippy.

Luckily, McCann hired two of the best comic book artists in the business. Rodin Esquejo and Sonia Oback have created a wonderful style for Mind the Gap which on one page can be ultra-realistic, then seamlessly transition into a psychedelic dreamworld overflowing with vibrant color. Similarly, McCann masterfully blends the gritty crime drama of his book's real world with the more heady high concept dream world. We are only 3 issues into Mind the Gap, but the book is already bursting with mystery, intrigue, and enough relationship drama to make the entire staff of General Hospital blush, and McCann promises that it will only get better as we go further down the rabbit hole. Make sure you add this book to your pull list, as we'll probably all be talking about it for years to come.



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