Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Volume 1 - Advance Review


Dragon AgeThe Dragon Age video games have become known for their intricate plot lines and intriguing characters, and the new graphic novel from Dark Horse brings the best aspects of the video game to the printed page. Gaider and Freed weave an interesting tale that spins out of the previous video games without relying on them too much.

The writers do a good job introducing the characters and world of Dragon Age to new readers while keeping the pace moving so as not to bore fans of the series. The action in the book captures the same excitement found in playing the game without relying on any gimmicks that mimic game play. Even better, Freed really nails the voice of each character, even keeping the humorous party banter the game was known for. They even manage to fit in some interesting tidbits of the greater Dragon Age mythology that should make long-term fans very happy.

Hardin's art is a very good fit for the world of Dragon Age. His characters fit the style and feel of the games, but have a life and dynamic edge of their own. When the actions starts, he really shines. When swords are drawn in this book, the layouts get a little more chaotic, which lends itself well to the hectic violence of battle. He even keeps the massive blood sprays that the game's kill moves always unleashed.

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is a fun, action-packed entry into the mythos of the video game series. It is a strong standalone story that should entertain new readers while being a real treat for returning fans. Pick it up, if you are a fan of the game or just like fun fantasy comics.



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