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Idolized 0Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.



Idolized #0
by David Schwartz, Micah Gunnell, and David Curiel

David Schwartz has crafted an awesome story about a young female superhero in Idolized. At first glance the story of an American Idol-style competition to find the world’s next superhero may seem a bit silly, but Schwartz has chosen to make this story personal. His main character is on a personal mission of revenge and is a flawed, very human hero. She may just be her worst enemy. Adding to the great story is the amazing art delivered by Micah Gunnell. His art is incredibly detailed and even in the shots that are filled with multiple superheroes, he gives them each unique designs and interesting quirks. In our current comics world, with its severe lack of female lead superhero characters, it’s great to see such an awesome new character come on the scene. My only complaint is that the 0 issue left me wanting more, and Issue 1 isn’t due out 'till August.  I want to read more now!

Mind the Gap #2
by Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback

Jim McCann continues to weave his awesome, little mystery called Mind the Gap. This book is great and unlike anything else on the shelf. It’s a cerebral character drama that slowly unfolds with each page turn. McCann makes sure to keep things exciting with mysterious hooded assassins and explosions, but the best part of this book continues to be the characters he’s building and the webs of intrigue that interconnect them. Esquejo and Oback really knock it out of the park on this book. Esquejo captures the subtlest of emotions in his detailed character work, and the way they visualize and render the “ghost world” is outstanding. If you are not reading Mind the Gap, make sure you pick up Issues 1 and 2. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

Star Trek #10
by Mike Johnson and Stephen Molnar

Star Trek is one of the coolest comics on the shelf right now. Every two issues, writer Mike Johnson takes an original Star Trek episode and shows us how the new crew, from the JJ Abrams reboot, would tackle the crisis from that episode.  What’s cool about it is, whether you are a huge Trek fan who knows every detail about every episode or you are like me and never really liked Star Trek until the reboot, every issue is chock full of adventure, excitement, and cool science fiction nerdery. (I know that’s not a word). Molnar really kills it on the art, capturing the look of the movies, but giving the book his own style. Make sure you add Star Trek to your list of comics to pick up this week.



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