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‘Bravest Warriors #21:’ Comic Book Review

BOOM! Studios has struck gold with their latest Bravest Warriors issue from kaBOOM! Issue #21 debuts a new creative team for the popular title, and it’s one that I, for one, sincerely hope that it sticks around.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Bravest Warriors, writer Kate Leth (Seeing Red) and artist Ian McGinty (Adventure Time: Candy Capers) have combined their awesomeness to bring their own spin to world of Beth, Wallow, Chris, Danny, and Plum. The team seems to be enjoying a delightful picnic with the ever-adorable Catbug. Disaster strikes when Catbug can’t remember the voice access code to the teleporter he used to bring them there in the first place. Isn’t he just the darndest thing, kiddies? Will the Bravest Warriors ever make it home?

What’s so cool about this particular issue is that it’s a great starting point for readers who have been wanting to get into the series.

. . . Wait . . .

But, Morgan, this is Issue #21, and if I’ve learned anything from comic books, it means that if it’s past the second trade, there really isn’t a point in picking it up.

AU CONTRAIRE, questioning inner voice that I sometimes have wonderful conversations with. Issue #21 starts us off on a completely new story. Leth does a fantastic job of reintroducing potential new readers to the Bravest Warriors team while still keeping current readers entertained with delightful and unique character dialects and ever-present humor. The same can be said for Mr. McGinty, whose crisp and clean cartoony style is absolute perfection for this continuing series. McGinty also gives the kaBOOM! title a visual upgrade with dynamic shot placements and page layouts. Also, guys, bonus points for the Sailor Moon reference. I also want to give a shout-out to Lisa Moore and Steve Wands who handled this issue’s colors and letters, respectively. I’m always a sucker for a great colorist, and Moore’s cheerful color palettes only enhance McGinty’s tight lineart while the lettering style of Mr. Wands moves the reader around the page with ease. Great work, team!

Bravest Warriors #21 also contains a bonus short called "The Littlest League," written by Mad Rupert (Regular Show: Skips) and art by newcomer Toril Orlesky. Wallow decides to make a little league team with all of his little dude pals, but Impossibear is making it well . . . impossible. Who could have guessed, right?

With a rad, new creative team at the helm, I’m totally giving kaBOOM!’s Bravest Warriors #21 two thumbs up and a congratulatory bowl of sugar peas. I promise you’ll enjoy it more than Catbug enjoys ketchup chips.

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