‘Judge Dredd Classics #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Judge Dredd Classics #2 has the gritty feel of '80-'90s comic books. Before comic book movies, when only the nerdiest of us read the comics, Dredd occupied a unique space in the comic pantheon; he was justice, justice that couldn’t be bribed or even stopped. He wasn’t a good guy, he wasn’t a bad guy, he was a force of nature, a force so many of the bullied were deprived of.

The art is a fantastic use of color and shading, depicting the gritty future with a surprising beauty.

The writing is solid, although since the book contains several parts of the story, specifically 6-9, the jumps between them are a little jagged. The story serves more as a prop for Dredd to do bada-- jumps on his bike and shoot bad guys. It revolves around the continuing plot line of an epidemic, and Dredd’s attempts to stop the epidemic.

The book is a fun read, and if you started the series, I would recommend continuing it; however, if you are new, I might go back and pick up book one, lest you be a bit lost. Book one isn’t essential if you are familiar at all with Dredd’s plot lines and styles.

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