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‘X-Files: Season 10 #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

I’ve been an X-Phile since the show’s inception. I loved Mulder’s character and his never-ending quest to learn the truth. I loved Scully’s pragmatism, always trying to find a logical conclusion to things. It was a great character dynamic. I was sad to see the show go. I was more excited to find out it was coming back. Series creator Chris Carter worked up the story with writer Joe Harris (Great Pacific). Like Buffy and other shows before, The X-Files is finding new life in comics, thanks to publisher IDW. I haven’t been this excited to read something in quite a while. X-Files: Season 10 is now on its third issue, and man-oh-man is it getting good.

The first two issues were fantastic and brought readers back into the lives of former agents Mulder and Scully. The third issue continues the trend of great issues. Just as with the first two, the third features an appearance by another beloved character, who helps Mulder start filling in the pieces of the events that are transpiring. Meanwhile, Scully starts discovering more about her abductors. I couldn’t tear myself away from reading this issue.

Joe Harris captures the suspense, action, humor, and characters we know and love and breathes new life into the classic series that set the bar for science fiction, government conspiracies, and the paranormal for almost a decade. Every issue feels like you’re watching an episode of the show, thanks to the wonderful artwork by Michael Walsh. I’ve been hooked since the comic series was announced (especially after learning that Harris was going to be the series’ scribe. I’m a big fan of his work on Great Pacific.), and I’m happy to say it’s lived up to my expectations. It’s well written, beautifully drawn, and colored and keeps an X-Phile like me grinning from ear to ear like Mulder watching Plan 9 from Outer Space. I’m glad to have new X-Files stories to read.

Anyone who is, or once was, an X-Files fan needs to read this series. It’s like catching up with old friends you haven’t seen in quite a while. The only problem is having to wait a month instead of a week for the next chapter! Nevertheless, I’ll be glued to the page that Wednesday, just like I was glued to the TV every Sunday night. The truth is out there, friends, and the truth is that Joe Harris and company deliver with X-Files: Season 10.

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