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‘Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization’ - Book Review

It is an unshakable and absolute rule that one must read a book before watching its corresponding movie. I learned this at the feet of my parents. The commandments went:

     1. Don’t drink and drive
     2. Read the book before you see the movie.
     3. Don’t get a credit card. Ever.
     4. Something about compassion or whatever.

So, I held true to that edict upon getting this assignment from Fanboy Comics. Of course, the situation is slightly different when the book in question is a novelization of a film, which is the original source material.  If there’s anything religious fundamentalism has taught us, however, it’s that simplistic qualitative statements should be followed relentlessly regardless of context.

So, I read the book first. I really enjoyed it.

The writer, Alex Irvine, is a capable storyteller, and the world which Guillermo del Toro created is surprisingly rich considering the premise of the film.  The obvious has to be acknowledged: Giant robots punching massive monsters is the kind of thing we want to see. And, hear. And, smell. Well, maybe not smell. It’s hard to say . . . come back, smell-o-vision! We barely knew ya!
I digress. Again.  The advantage that the book has over the movie is that we get to see inside the heads of the characters even when (Spoilers!) that isn’t taking place through the ingenious mind meld element of the Jaeger’s (giant robot’s) operating system, and the characters are well drawn enough that you actually want to.

I read this book during a long day of camping and enjoyed the hell out of it. How much of that was the fire-toasted sandwiches, the arboreal ambiance, and the cooler of beer is hard to say, but I would happily recommend this book to anyone looking to beat the bejeezus out of an afternoon and send it down to a watery grave in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.