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‘Captain Midnight #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Dark Horse is rapidly becoming my new favorite published, and they get another notch on the belt with Captain Midnight.  The plot involves such classic elements as World War 2, secret Nazi plans, time travel, and a super hero. The story begins with Jim Albright, a genius American inventor, who gets annoyed that he is deemed too important to risk fighting in World War 2, so, instead, he invents Captain Midnight, a superhero who shows up in various battles and missions and often proves to be pivotal to their success. His identity isn’t entirely a secret, though, because he has two sidekicks that fight with him, Joyce Ryan and Chuck (who probably has a last name but we aren’t given it).  Things were great until, in 1944 while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, his plane disappears and one day reappears . . . in the present.

He lands on an aircraft carrier, only to find out the government considers him a security threat and try to arrest him. This doesn’t go so well, and, suddenly, he is on the lamb. He contacts the now elderly Joyce, who contacts her granddaughter and a scheme to help the Captain is hatched. Oh, and those Nazi schemes I mentioned early? They have some plans of their own hatching, as well.

I liked this book a lot. It pulls from classic pulp and adds a unique, modern twist. Joshua Williamson’s writing is great and Fernando Dagnino’s art really helps to establish the tone and feel of the book. It definitely left me wanting more.

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