Erik Cheski

Erik Cheski

Spunk will get you many places, wisdom gets you back.

Tyson Hesse brings us a witty, fun, and truly entertaining read in his new series, Diesel.  I had such a fun time reading this book; I was laughing out loud and had a smile on my face the entire time.  A wise-ass young lady on the eve of her 18th birthday cavorts around the airship her father left her and leaves the crew in fits, especially the captain.  Having no discernible skills, her greatest asset seems to be being a living stress test for every system and patience level on board, and I love every panel.

Don’t look down.

Nerd alert: I think that Mirror’s Edge is one of the most innovative game experiences I’ve ever had.  I felt more in touch with a game world through this game than anything else I’ve ever played, and every time I fall, I have to take a second to stop the minor vertigo I get when I realize that I’m not plummeting to my death.  So, when EA (May they burn for eternity.) and DICE (Thanks for Battlefield, but for reals make more experiences like Mirror’s Edge!) announced that they were finally going to release a sequel (It’s not a sequel, but some kind of side-quel that’s not a reboot . . . ? Shut up, Todd!), I was all over this.  Funnily enough, I felt that the story was one of the least developed parts of the original game, and now we have a whole lot going on with the licensed book from Dark Horse.  I know, that phrase usually means stay away, but with the game’s story so bare from the first time we slipped into Faith’s shoes, I think that everyone can be surprised from the results.

I think, therefore, I am AWESOME.

What if you had any implement you ever needed at hand, like a cartoon character reaching behind their back?  And yet somehow didn’t need to be all pure of will and such?  And whatever it was stays that way and doesn’t fade away once you stop concentrating?  This is the world that Aaron Lopresti brings to life in his new Dark Horse series, Power Cube.  Having a father who lacks in the communication department but manages to make an overpowered MacGuffin can be emotionally difficult but provides for a heck of an action title.  Knowing its trope-heavy nature and having fun with it, Lopresti makes a smart and fun contribution to the world of comics.

Things that lie beyond your philosophies

Michael has taken his refuge in the wilderness, and the creators use this time to open the world they’ve created a bit more and show us really how deep the rabbit hole might go.  The trials of Michael have been interesting and bordering on mystical, but there’s always been a chance that what’s happening might all be in his mind.  This issue responds to that idea unequivocally: Something much larger is going on here.

Est Sularus oth Mithas

If you saw my review for the first volume, you’ll know that Weiss and Hickman ushered me into the realm of fantasy and nerddom at large.  If you didn’t, now you do through an admittedly awkward-sounding intro.  Either way, you’re here to hear what I think about the compilation of the series adapted from the books.  In short, I love it.  Some mildly spoilery things lie ahead, but these books have been out for quite some time.

Hold on tight, it’s boom time.

Through the first two issue of this series, we’ve been treated to a wonderful cyberpunk/ancient world mashup, and young Mulan has found herself at the mercy of forces beyond her control or understanding.  But, now it’s time to rock and roll.  Becoming what she’s always meant to become, it’s time for Mulan to swing big at everyone that’s trying to contain her.

I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. The issue where we see the brutality return, where we get back to the titular organization that started the whole business off.  Sebastian needs to hit something, and this whole issue is the release that we didn’t realize we’d been waiting for.

Jesus loves me, this I know . . .

The next chapter in Michael’s journey is another long step away from what is known, and further into either the delusion or the righteous path . . . whichever way it leans.  Following his heart, running from his mind, and tempering his actions with the overabundance of Biblical teachings, Michael finds himself helping those who he feels need it while being helpless in many ways himself.

Nothing up my sleeve, nothing on my mind . . .

This is a book that is a challenge to read, in the best kind of way.  Tracking down the final act of a magician killed in his last show, several groups converge on a mystery that binds the world - and what comes after - together.

I scream, you scream . . .

I would give you a quick recap of events, but this issue’s gonna do it for you.  So, let’s just say that things are once again going nuck-butty in Neighborville, and it’s up to our intrepid and woebegotten heroes to win the day.

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