‘Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Stop, or I'll Peashoot!

Popcap grabbed lightning in a bottle when it published its simple, yet deep, tower defense game whose cute graphics and off-center humor brought the genre to a very wide audience of casual gamers.  In an effort to expand the brand, they jumped to the FPS world with Garden Warfare.  Upcoming is Garden Warfare 2, and to bridge the gap, a three-issue comic is always the answer.

Paul Tobin returns to write our new scenario, which like many of the Popcap series, has a lot of evil planning and slow-burn jokes to really stretch things out.  The humor is just what you would expect, so it feels authentic to the property and has some great chuckle-inducers.  Mr. Stubbins makes a surprise and triumphant return, much to my extreme joy.  Seriously, toss a small, furred, squeaky animal into a comic and let it have personality and I'm all in.  The ominous signs of a new invasion dictate most of the story, and the mayhem seems like it'll be on point as usual.

Jacob Chabot joins the series, and he brings his signature style to the character models he has to remain true to.  I really enjoyed his work on Skullboy Army, and his style just makes sense here.  He's got a great way assisting the script, letting it shine and working well to sneak in a visual gag every now and again.  Crazy Dave makes his cameo, and though he's only in a few panels, he might be my favorite part of this issue.  Chabot has one gorgeous panel that especially depicts him making a crucial decision, and the juxtaposition is hysterical.  It can be tough making a licensed property your own, but I can definitely see his stamp on things.

Fans of the game will enjoy this connective tissue, and more story goofs are never a bad thing in this universe.

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