‘Feathers #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Sometimes, a coin lands on its edge.

Jorge Corona finishes his Feathers run in the 6th and final issue.  Up to this point, we’ve been taken along a fantastic journey that has been a pleasure to read.  Two worlds separated by walls of stone and distrust find themselves coming face to face because of one boy with an incredible secret.

Corona doesn’t let all of his secrets slip in this final issue but does explain a good deal of what’s been going on and realizes the fate of many that have gone missing.  Revealing the identity of the dark man who’d been collecting the mice, Corona finally puts a great deal of the puzzle together, and we are given a slightly deeper glimpse into the deep mythology of this world he has opened for us.  While not quite the finale I was hoping for, the ending reinforces the many themes he’d been working on throughout and shows that the importance of building friendships cannot be underestimated.  Much like a fable from Aesop, Corona buries his lessons in plain sight, if you’re wise enough to see it.

Corona has saved some of his best art for last; the sequences are kept tight and active, and at no point could you not be drawn into the beauty of this world, however stark it may appear from time to time.  The richness of the work here is the high watermark for the series and an impressive display by this team.

Wrapping up this coming-of-age tale only invites us to a larger one, where anything could be possible.   I only hope that Corona will someday visit this world again to give us a peek at that next great adventure.

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