‘Dream Reavers #1:’ Comic Book Review

A dream is a wish your heart makes . . .

There are a lot of people who would rather live the dream than the real world.  There, we can be anything, and being able to control that dream . . . you can be a god.  There are a lot of things going on in this first issue that are very disparate and seem to be setting up quite an interesting world.  We meet four people, three of whom have power in the waking world, and one that seems trapped in it.  When they fall ill, the fourth is caught into their realm, where things take a decidedly strange turn.

Raphael Moran gives us a peek into these folks' lives, giving us a rich world to dive into: a South American Saint, who, though blind, can unravel the mysteries of the world; a boy dealing with trauma who wants to escape to the world of dream; and a girl who can influence the minds of anyone she meets.  Moran gives us a variety of people with varied motivations, and it seems that they’ll be put together in short order.  The wild card so far is the fourth member, and it’s here that I think the most promise lies for the series.  He seems to be an outsider to a group of outsiders, and prime for some very interesting storylines ahead.

Artist Marc Borstel has some great fun in the dream world, and once we cross that border into the mind’s realm, things take on a wonderful, “familiar otherworld” sensibility and leave a lot to look at on the page.  The break between the real and the dream worlds begin as subtle and really stretch as the issue goes on.  It’ll be fun to see how that line gets jumped and blurred as the story continues.

I wouldn’t say this is a spiritual successor to Sandman, but there are definitely things in here that fans of that series will enjoy.  A fun trip down the astral plane worth your time.  Check it out!

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