‘Ei8ht #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

There must be some kind of way out of here . . .

The second issue of Dark Horse’s time traveling and unraveling tale keeps the action tight and focused from the first page and starts building a better picture of what we’re really getting into.  Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson have crafted an elegant and exciting mystery and are revealing it in a fantastic way.  Far from the meat of the story, we’ve been given a larger view, a slow pulling back of the camera, giving us a wider picture.  We stray from our nameless protagonist to visit different places and times and start getting a sense of how massive and intricate this world could be.

Our hero (?) learns a bit more about the weirdness he’s awoken to, while regaining memories of his life that were fuzzed in his trip.  Meanwhile, we meet folks in various times that show that it will take careful reading to keep track of all the timelines and who’s who.  If you dig the mind twisting of Game of Thrones, Lost, or Fringe, then this story should get your gears turning in a great way.

The artwork again is wonderful, being more than just the substance of keeping the timelines straight (which is so helpful. I’m really glad they’ve gone with color coding; it allows for an easy and quick reminder of where/when you are in the world).  The passion in Nila’s body as she argues a case stacked against the cool domination of the Tyrant and his Spear and whatever the hell is going on with Dr. Hamm . . . these characters are screaming to us from the page, and it’s really awesome to take it all in.

If the story can stay as crisp and exciting as it has been, this might become my favorite book of the year. I’m really digging the hook, and it’s coming out at a much more acceptable pace than Jon Snow’s next chapters. (Yeah, we know NOTHING, because you’re still writing!)  Challenge your brain in a fun and Mad Max-ian kind of adventure at your local shop. Don’t wait on this one.

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