‘Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Telephone time boxes that aren’t bigger on the inside . . . ?

The Adventures of one Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan continue in this epic series from BOOM! Studios.  When last we saw the titular band mates, they had just won San Dimas’ Battle of the Bands along with Death, Station, and the Princesses, spreading their message of surfer-infused love and understanding throughout the world to usher in a peaceful and most righteous existence for humanity.  But, the lackadaisical and lovable losers have one big problem:  How do they do that?

Brian Lynch weaves a tale very fitting of the franchise, seeing the boys get into trouble and making a way-too-complicated and time-hopping plan to solve it.  Yeah, '90s!  The tone and the pacing feel right for the group, and Lynch certainly did his homework on both excellent (and bogus) movies.  Everything fits the style and tone of the films, and there’s even a little, possible tease of a redemption story in the making, and I, for one, am really hoping it happens.

The art team captures the Stallyns' style perfectly, putting the '90s-era San Dimas right onto the page, and even getting dear, old Ted’s dad spot on in his dour appearance.  Great moments with Rufus (Yeah, I got wistful. I miss Carlin, man.) and a good review of all the folks who may have let a few years pass since their last TBS late-night viewing.

Anyone who loved both flicks will feel right at home jumping into this adventure.  The first issue sets up a lot of interesting story points that I have no doubt about this team knocking out of the park.  The backup story by Ryan North and drawn by Ian Mcginty is a perfect, off-ramp, little poking of our current-day life as much as the movies were for the '90s.  Trope-y it may be, but that seems to be the point, busting our chops a bit at the silliness that can befall even us “more advanced” folks.  It’s a fun, little wink and nod at us, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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