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‘Regular Show #20:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Dude, we always make things better.

When we last left our intrepid heroes . . . or these couple of dopes that work in the park . . . having regretted the results of the wishes they spent lots of time debating over (yeah . . . ), they are now trying to rectify their situation by any means necessary.

Sumida has continued to show his wonderful handle on this series and keeps upping the ante in the usual awesome ways.  Things are already in full haywire mode, and the only way Mordecai and Rigby can solve such craziness is to pump the insanity past all the stops.  The tone remains perfect for the series, and the finish is just about perfect.  There’s even a moment of understanding growing between two folks who tend to have communication issues, which is then brought back full circle like any good serial sitcom where nothing really ever changed [which is one of my favorite devices of the show and this series, as it’s always accomplished with a tongue-in-cheek feel (though once with a tongue-out-of-cheek way, but that was a zombie episode)]. (How many of these () did I use again?)

Strejlau’s artwork is just as important to the tone being carried over into this medium, and once again things feel lifted right from the screen and onto the page.  It’s refreshing to see Mordecai and Rigby’s dreams and wishes come to life at her hand.

The bonus story in this issue comes from Eddie Wright and Andrew Stewart and is another pitch-perfect romp in this nutsoid Park.  Laziness, selfishness, crazy-eyeball-popping-shennanigans, and a wonderful, heartfelt (yet still self-serving) final note combine into another epic ode to these characters.

Fans of the show, rejoice and dive in.  Haven’t watched?  Check out how one arc ends, so you can be ready for the next.

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