‘Winterworld #6:’ Comic Book Review

I write this from the depths of the 2015 Blizzard in New Jersey. (Yeah, we didn’t get all that much after all, oh well.)  The irony is not lost on me.

Chuck Dixon’s frozen take on the post-apocalypse continues in an issue that gets a lot of bang for the buck.  Scully and Wynn have lost their vehicle and Scully his sight. Now, it’s on to see howthey’ll survive this already brutal world without both.  We get no closer to Wynn’s parents, but she finally asks the question I’ve been wondering since the start: Why does Scully want to find them?  This only serves to deepen the mystery as we come into contact with someone from Scully’s past who looks to be on the hunt, with . . . something at his side.

The art team continues to kill it, making some print-worthy panels that still manage to keep the dark tone without losing the life of color.  What I have noticed in their work, and especially this issue, is how much “stillness” they can infuse in an already still image.  It sounds ridiculous a little bit, but it’s there in this issue a lot, when you can feel things stop intentionally.  There are a couple of really cool moments.

The mystery continues as our heroes tackle one setback after another, but it doesn’t feel forced or rushed. It just makes the world they inhabit become as inhospitable and dangerous as it seems, and every moment can be their last.

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