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idw-assim2-5This may come as a surprise to you, dear reader, but I happen to be a huge Doctor Who fan. On the other hand, I have not been the biggest Star Trek fan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy most of the movies and what episodes I have seen, but I have never been devoted enough to consider myself a Trekkie or Trekker. But, when I heard that IDW was doing a crossover between the two I said, “Make it so.”


Assimilation 2 began with the Cybermen (a race of evil cybernetic beings who want to convert the rest of the universe to be like them) leaving their universe to invade the Star Trek universe, while they team-up with the Borg (a race of evil cybernetic beings who want to assimilate the rest of the universe to be like them) in order to work together to make conversion/assimilation more efficient. By doing this, they inadvertently caused the Doctor, Amy, and Rory to follow them into this other universe and appear on the holodeck of the Enterprise. Interestingly enough, this also caused a ripple through time and the Doctor's past has been altered. This led to a previous encounter that we saw in flashback form where the fourth Doctor met Captain Kirk and his crew.

This has been an incredibly fun series so far, and the latest issue has provided us with the greatest moment yet. It was inevitable and yet every bit as fulfilling as we wanted it to be. After being shown the TARDIS, Captain Picard says, “It's bigger on the inside,” which caused me to express a nerdy squeal of excitement. The main plot of the issue revolves around the Doctor trying to convince Picard to reach out to the Borg and unite against the Cybermen. This is not easy, as Picard's previous encounters with the Borg have left him embittered towards them.

The art in this series has been really great. Usually, comics adapted from live-action tend to have artwork that does not feel quite right. Typically, it is either too cartoony and appears like a caricature or attempts to be too lifelike and comes off as creepy. What makes Gordon Purcell's art stand out is that it leans more towards the life-like approach, yet softens the details with an almost impressionistic approach.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, or both, you should definitely check out this book. It would be amazing if Steven Moffat used this as a template for a future series of Doctor Who; however, the budget would never allow it. At least we can enjoy this crossover in comic book form. With the success of this, I can only hope that IDW has the Doctor cross paths with one of their other properties such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although, my head may explode if that ever happens.



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