'Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 4 (The Power of Three)' Review


DW S7E4 USEI thought that “The Power of Three” was the best episode so far in this series of Doctor Who. It maintained that great balance of silly and terrifying that the show is known for. There was also a great mystery, which kept the tension going throughout the entire episode. It was also refreshing to finally have an episode of this series set in present day.

The episode begins with a plethora of small, black boxes materializing all over the world . . . and then nothing. Their sudden appearance, yet lack of anything else extraordinary, causes the world to be captivated by them. Their strange state of being inert leaves the Doctor to conclude that their inaction must be diligently studied. For once this means that instead of him leading his companions through travel and adventures, they must lead him through the monotony of daily life.

Watching the Doctor struggle with patience was hilariously entertaining. The mere fact that a man who is over a millennium and yet still has the attention span of a child makes for great fun. As he struggles with his ADD, he tries to fill his time with anything he can think of, until finally sneaking off for a few adventures of his own. Surprisingly, the only thing that seems to keep his attention is playing Nintendo, which has given me one more reason to relate to him.

On the personal front, we discover that ten years have passed for Amy and Rory since the end of their first encounter with the Doctor. This maintains my problem with this series in that it has skipped over too much. What has been two and a half years for us has been four times as long for them (and over a hundred times longer for the Doctor). Not only have they obviously not aged a decade, but also they become hard to relate to when major changes happen in their lives between episodes. On a more positive note, this episode saw the return of Rory's father. Brian has grown as a result of his time with the Doctor. He now has an excitement for adventure; however, he still maintains his caution for the adventuresome lifestyle. He confronts the Doctor and asks him what happens to the people who travel with him, which leads to a difficult conversation.

This episode also saw the introduction of a new character named Kate Stewart. Her ability to call the Doctor using his psychic paper indicates knowledge that goes past that of her usual U.N.I.T coworkers. We spend the episode wondering what her connection is to the Doctor, and, once it is revealed, we can conclude that she will most likely become a reoccurring character who will be his new liaison to the organization.



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