Dean Zarbaugh

Dean Zarbaugh

After reading/reviewing writer Jesse Young’s touching and heartfelt online comic Here We Go (which you can/should be read here) for Fanboy Comics a while back, I jumped at the chance to read his new comic, The Daring Adventures of Android Jones. Yes, the story is as fun and exciting as the title makes it out to be. The long and short of it is, Android Jones and his trusty robot Pip find themselves in a bit of a kerfuffle after a “misunderstanding” with some alien inhabitants of the planet that Jones and Pip were sent to survey. Young is quite a talented writer, whose work is always a pleasure to read. Joining Young on this adventure, pun intended, are artist Ryan Cody and Thomas Mauer on lettering. Cody’s artwork is wonderful. It’s vibrant, colorful, and brings the story and world to life.

Joe Harris and company are back with a new issue of X-Files Season 10, and boy is this one a doozy. I kept seeing Harris talk on Twitter and Facebook about how excited he was for people to see the cameos in this issue that I began racking my brain as to who could possibly show up.  I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t spoil all the fun for you, though. You can see the mystery guests yourself when the issue hits stores on January 8th! (Hint: For those of you getting excited, it’s NOT Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi’s characters from Season Three.)

X-Files Season 10 from IDW Publishing and Joe Harris continues its excellent run with its seventh issue, Hosts: Part 2. The last issue found Agents Mulder and Scully investigating a case with connections to an old X-File. When Mulder arrives at Martha’s Vineyard to look into the strange events taking place there, he quickly finds himself back in the company of Flukeman, one of the creepy creatures from the show’s second season. If you’re a fan of Flukeman, the seventh issue gives you not just one Flukeman, but an entire nest of Flukemen! Welcome to your worst nightmare. Or at least Mulder’s, who finds himself surrounded by these blood-sucking creatures. Will he be able to escape them? How did Flukeman come to be? Read the conclusion of Hosts in X-Files Season 10 #7 when it’s released today!

Watson and Holmes from New Paradigm Studios reimagines the ever-popular detective duo in modern-day Harlem. Jon Watson is a medical intern at the Convent Emergency Center who has a patient roll through after taking a severe beating, when in walks Holmes, a mysterious guy asking questions about the patient like a cop might. The patient wakes up and lets Watson and Holmes know that his girlfriend is being held captive. Holmes gives Watson his card. Turns out that Holmes isn’t a cop, but a private investigator/consultant for the NYPD. Watson, wanting to get to the bottom of the missing girl, teams up with Holmes to start investigating her kidnapping. What they uncover during their investigation goes much further than just a kidnapping, including drugs, hit lists, and conspiracies. And, that’s just the beginning!

For those of you unfamiliar with James Asmus (Gambit, Thief of Thieves) and Valiant Entertainment’s Quantum and Woody, let me quickly catch you up. Eric (a.k.a. Quantum) and Woody Henderson are adoptive brothers, who have grown estranged over the years, until the death of their father brings them back together. It’s while investigating their father’s mysterious and untimely death that the brothers are accidentally given their superpowers, but there’s a catch. They’re bound by their metal wristbands, which they have to KLANG together every 24 hours or else every atom in their body will tear apart. Oh, and they have a goat.

The last issue of Joe Harris (Great Pacific) and IDW’s X-Files: Season 10 left a lot of X-Philes like myself on pins and needles for what lies ahead for the FBI’s dynamic duo. Issue #6, which will be released on November 27th, finds The X-Files division reopened, along with Agents Mulder and Scully being reinstated in the FBI. Their first case involves investigating the disappearances of beach-goers on Martha’s Vineyard that may have a connection to an old X-Files cold case involving Flukeman, the part human and part fluke/worm from the show’s sophomore season.

“Standing up for what you believe in has consequences.”

Hacktivity centers on Shawn Harris, a young, talented computer hacker who goes by the handle “T.F.”  Shawn/T.F. finds himself in way over his head when he’s caught leaking documents from the FBI’s database that show how the government is watching everything we do. Now, he’s on trial and faces thirty years in prison if convicted, which seems like an almost certainty since the judge presiding over the case has a real knack for throwin’ hackers in the slammer. Shawn’s arrest and trial sets off a huge debate over the public’s right to know what kind of shady shenanigans our government is up to. It not only gave Shawn a number of enemies but also a number of allies in the form of fellow hacktivists, who want to help Shawn realize his full potential.

Great Pacific #11 is another fantastic outing from writer Joe Harris and artist Martin Morazzo. The end of the last issue found things looking pretty dire for our old pal Chas Worthington, who was abducted from his hotel room while visiting New York City to petition the United Nations for statehood for New Texas. But, who’s responsible for his kidnapping, and what do they want with him? Is it the Americans who despise him for embezzling money to start New Texas? Is it Green-X, the terror group responsible for sabotaging work sites on the Patch? Or is it some previously unknown threat, which has decided to emerge from the shadows? Meanwhile, Zoe befriends the mystery girl, Lucy, from the work site, who leads her to discovering a very interesting piece of the puzzle involving our friend Chas and his plans for New Texas.

If you love your mom, you need to read this very moving short comic. Here We Go is an imaginative, creative, and beautiful story about a young boy being driven to his first day at a new school by his mom. That may sound like a straightforward and boring story to you, but it’s anything but, as mother and son are chased down by aliens, dinosaurs, and the dreaded pirate monkeys! The author, Jesse Young, has crafted a memorable story that will move you to tears. He wanted to do something with a “Pixar feel” to it and absolutely nailed it. Here We Go is reminiscent of the opening of Up! in both depth and emotion. Reading this reminded me of my own mom and the courage and strength she gave me to move 3,000 miles away from my home and everyone and everything I knew to pursue what I wanted in life. I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it weren’t for her.

Is evil just something you are, or something you do?

That’s the question asked by Bedlam creators Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo. Let me warn you right off the bat that Bedlam, published by Image Comics, is not a series for everyone. It’s uber-violent, bloody, and features plenty of villains that will make your skin crawl. Bedlam is, by far, one of the sickest, most twisted stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. An interesting look into what exactly “evil” is. Any person who considers themselves a fan of horror and thrillers should definitely pick this up. Writer Nick Spencer does a fantastic job of weaving together an intricate story filled with plenty of gut-wrenching moments throughout. If the story doesn’t creep you out, the artwork in this issue by Ryan Browne most certainly will, which is a compliment for the record. Bedlam is one of my favorite-looking titles out there. It’s unique, jarring, and makes you feel more immersed in the world. 

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