‘Forbidden Love:’ Comic Book Review

Here We Go and The Daring Adventures of Android Jones author Jesse Young has released yet another new comic, this time the Western-themed Forbidden Love. It seems like Jesse’s releasing another new comic every week. His work ethic is something to admire. He’s amassing quite the portfolio of work, crossing many different genres and themes including sci-fi, fantasy, drama, and adventure. Outside of sci-fi, my favorite genre is Westerns. Nothing beats a good, old fashioned John Wayne adventure. The Searchers, True Grit, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance are some of my favorites. It was like being part of a completely different world, without ever leaving America. It made you wonder what it must have been like to have actually lived in the Old West. Forbidden Love is no different. Jesse mentions in the forward that the song “Long Black Veil,” written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin, inspired the story. Lefty Frizzell originally recorded the song, but when I read the story, I couldn’t help but hear the version recorded by Johnny Cash in my head. If you haven’t heard that version, then do yourself a favor and Google it immediately.

Forbidden Love is set in Arizona in 1869. The entire story plays out through the reading of a man’s last letter to the woman he loved. Thomas Mauer, who has done the lettering for more than a few of Jesse’s stories, really shines in this one. It’s unique and drives home how personal the story is. Artyom Trakhanov’s artwork is unique in and of itself and catches your eye immediately. Mauer and Trakhanov are currently working together on Undertow for Image Comics, which I honestly haven’t had a chance to check out yet but will definitely find the time for soon!

When I read Forbidden Love, it was like I was watching a really cool Western for the first time. Jesse captures the tone and feel of the Old West, in addition to “Long Black Veil,” and skillfully fuses them together. This makes for a great addition to his ever-expanding work.

Overall, I give Forbidden Love four spurs out of five.

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