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The battle between rockstar rebellion and draconian religious extremism continues in the fourth issue of Satanic Hell, published by Alterna Comics. Writer Grigoris Douros and his creative team (including artists Kevin Enhart and Newel Anderson, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer E.T. Dollman) continue to deliver a bold and rambunctious, rock-and-roll tale that, while highly sensationalized, still manages to touch on important, modern-day American social issues.

For those unfamiliar with the unique and exciting, Los Angeles-based one-act festival known as Sci-Fest LA, this is the second year of the production. Composed of two separate “evenings” of theatre (Program A and Program B), each version of the show includes five fascinating, yet unconnected, stories from the sci-fi and horror genres. In addition, Sci-Fest LA is known for casting well-known actors from the genre (Casts have included Tim Russ of Star Trek: Voyager, Veronica Cartwright of Alien, Armin Shimerman of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dean Haglund of The X-Files, and many more.), as well as adapting the works of revered and respected contributors to science fiction (such as Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, and others).


The captivating and otherworldly artwork of Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger has, for years, influenced, terrified, and enthralled the world around him with his dark and often erotic paintings and designs. Bursting (sans chest in this case) into the global spotlight with his Academy Award-winning work on the sci-fi horror classic, Alien, in 1979, Giger himself has remained a mysterious and intriguing figure to his fans for some time, but with the upcoming release of Icarus Films’ definitive documentary, Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World, director Belinda Sallin invites audiences into the personal home and artistic soul of Giger like never before.

After Star Wars Celebration 2015, FBC staffers Bryant and Barbra Dillon and Sean Foster discuss their reactions to the panel and screening of four unfinished episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, known as the 'Bad Batch' episodes.

At Star Wars Celebration 2015, the Fanboy Comics crew - including FBC staffers Bryant and Barbra Dillon and Sean Foster - discuss their reactions to the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Comic book creator and brain aneurysm survivor Siike Donnelly has returned with his tale of a superhero who must decide what to do with his last day on Earth. With a dual goal of entertaining fans and educating readers about brain aneurysms, the original The Adventures of Solestar brought together a (then) record-breaking amount number of creators to work on the project, and Donnelly is doing it again with the Definitive Edition of the book. Now featuring a total of 154 contributing artists, The Adventures of Solestar is soaring once more and flying towards setting a new Guinness Book of World Record for Most Contributors to a Single Comic*!

The comic series, Satanic Hell, has returned with its third issue published by Alterna Comics, continuing the tale of the rebellious death metal band that dares to take on the ultra-conservative (and fairly evil) mega church that rules writer Grigoris Douros’ nightmarish version of the state of Texas with an iron first. Along with artists Kevin Enhart and Newel Anderson, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer E.T. Dollman, Douros delivers an extra strong dose of Satanic Hell in issue #3 for those who’ve devoured the previous issues and are hungry for more.

I’ve reviewed a number of indie superhero books over the last few months, and the common thread shared by all of them is the passion these creators obviously feel for the genre. The dark and twisted superhero series, Caliber (which has recently released its third issue), shares this passion. While, like other indie cape-and-cowl tales I’ve read, it has some rough edges, buried in this slightly derivative tale is an unsettling and original take on the superhero-born-of-tragedy motif.

During its time on the silver screen and the pages of Dark Horse comics, the species of intergalactic hunters commonly referred to by Geekdom as “Predators” (or the Yautja to the thoroughly obsessed and informed Predator fan) has hunted many types of game, from the acid-bleeding Xenomorph to the Dark Knight himself. Well, thanks to Dark Horse Comics‘ latest release, Archie vs. Predator #1, writer Alex de Campi and the art team of Fernando Ruiz (pencils), Rich Koslowski (inks), and Jason Millet (colors), Arnie’s ultimate alien adversary is back on the hunt, this time visiting the idyllic town of Riverdale (home base for Archie and the gang) with a few days to kill . . .

Greetings, my fellow Scoobies!

I know I’ve been oddly absent these last few months, with my reviews of the current issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 and Angel and Faith being spotty, at best, and you have my apologies for this. It’s no excuse, but keeping Fanboy Comics running behind the scenes can sometimes be just as challenging and time consuming as being charged with standing alone against the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness. I’m only one of the many dedicated individuals who give up their time and talents (and apparently Buffy reviews) to keep this bastion of Geekdom alive and well.

Well, fear no longer, for I have returned with my thoughts on both the latest issues of Buffy: Season 10 and Angel and Faith, as well as some juicy (and spoilery) tidbits from Long Beach Comic Expo 2015’s Buffy comic panel!

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