FBC to ‘Guard the Galaxy’ on ‘Real Conversations with Fake People’ Podcast Season Finale

Real Conversations with Fake People is a fairly new podcast series and a labor of love for host Siike Donnelly. The podcast takes the form of a parody interview show, where Donnelly enlists actors and comedians to portray his favorite fictional characters, so that he may sit down with them for an “in-character,” heart-to-heart conversation (that also often involves a lot of overall “geeking out” between Donnelly and his “guests”).

As Donnelly explained to Fanboy Comics, he has a “Marvel-ous treat” in store for the listeners of the upcoming Real Conversations with Fake People season finale.

“With this podcast being broken into 10-episode seasons, the first season finale approaches, and I wanted to do something different. I started looking at upcoming nerd movies for inspiration, and the idea of doing 5 short interviews for the finale was something I really loved. Guardians of the Galaxy made the most sense to me. The movie hits on August 1st and the episode will air a few weeks before that, so the timing is great.”

FBC readers will also take a special interest in the season finale, given that the episode will feature FBC staff members and co-founders Bryant and Barbra Dillon as part of the cast. Donnelly went on to explain what made him turn to Fanboy Comics to fill the ranks.

“ . . . I've been wanting to work with Bryant and Barbra for some time, especially after falling in love with The Katniss Chronicles. I needed a Star-Lord and Gamora, and they just seemed perfect. I look forward to recording with them, and also Joe Slepski who will play Groot for a very brief interview and Drax. I also get to try my hand at voice acting for once, as I'll be playing Rocket Raccoon.”

Donnelly also went on to explain that, “The show isn't trying to take anything away from these universes that I love. I only hope to add what little I can, maybe convert someone new people into being fans. I love these worlds, these characters, with all my heart. Hopefully, my show and the amazing actors involved will get you to love them, too.”

A typical episode of Real Conversations with Fake People runs between 20 to 30 minutes long, usually featuring a basic, low-tech audio interview format. In the most recently released episode (featuring Whitney Avalon of The Big Bang Theory portraying the role of Cortana from the Halo video game series), the inclusion of SFX helped to bring the show to a new level.

Donnelly joins the beloved, on-board artificial intelligence known as Cortana on the Forward Unto Dawn ship during a moment that takes place between the story lines of Halo 3 and Halo 4. The two individuals discuss the universe, the various wars that take place in the Halo timelines, Master Chief, and converse about what it is like for one to experience themselves dying.

Donnelly, an aneurysm survivor, is able to open up to Cortana after discovering she is nearing the end of her lifespan, and he is able to share personal experiences that add a healthy does of heart to this dense and informative episode of Real Conversations with Fake People (available here).

Enjoy the episode and be sure to check back in August when FBC invades Real Conversations with Fake People!


Siike Donnelly is a comic book writer, artist, and editor-in-chief of OSSM Comics, which has recently seen press on the Hollywood Reporter and Nerdist for their upcoming books and will be signing in Artist Alley at San Diego Comic-Con at Table GG-12 and the upcoming Amazing Las Vegas Convention.

Siike has recently been interviewed by NPR'S Off-Ramp show, as well as Daniel Glenn's podcast, Fascinating Nouns, Riot Cast's Mad Scientist Party Hour, and The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review, talking nerdy like he always does. He's had two successful Kickstarters, the most recent, ELAN VITAL, being funded in less than 48 hours, making him cry like a big baby. He also has his first comic coming out through OSSM Comics that he wrote called MONOMYTH that you should all get in order to ensure the apocalypse arrives on schedule.

Website: www.siikedonnelly.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/explodingbullet

Whitney Avalon is a Los Angeles-based actor and writer who has previously voiced Cortana for Freddie Wong and FatFinger. She's sung with Tenacious D, appeared on The Big Bang Theory, recurred on Days of Our Lives, danced with Bert and Ernie in Sesame Street Live!, shot a melodrama in an open Ikea store, piloted giant cardboard robots, sobbed over her fake baby’s brain tumor on a medical drama, wandered the desert as a blue alien, starred in 50 national commercials, and done a lot of other zany things you might have seen on your television or computer. Her original comedy music, available on iTunes, has been played on numerous radio stations and podcasts.

YouTube: http://youtube.com/whitneyavalon
Website: http://whitneyavalon.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/whitneyavalon

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