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Goldtiger"It's the most iconic '60s comic strip that never existed!" The Fanboy Comics staff recently learned of an intriguing, new Kickstarter campaign that aims to collect the never-before-seen comic strips for Goldtiger, a '60s series that was shrouded in controversy due to its racy content and troubled creators.  But .  . . here's the thing.  The entire premise for the book - the troubled creators, the controversial content, and its journey to (never) be published - is fictional.  


Nick CardyDC Comics fans will easily know the name Nick Cardy.  The prolific illustrator, designer, and comic book artist has been drawing for his entire life, with contributions to Apocalypse Now, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the Teen Titans to name a few.  While fans best know Cardy for his decades-long association with DC Comics, readers will soon be able to enjoy his most profound, personal, and never-before-seen creations in Nick Cardy: The Artist at War.

Stan Lee CartoonIf asked to name one individual who embodies all of the wonderful things that comic books offer to readers young and old, the answer is clear: Stan Lee.  For over 70 years, Stan "The Man" Lee has made his indelible impact on the world of comics, having been the legendary founder of Marvel Comics, as well as an exuberant spokesperson for its properties.  Refusing to allow 70 plus years in the industry to slow him down, Lee has been quite active as of late through POW! Entertainment, a company that develops, creates, and licenses intellectual property for the entertainment industry, with recent projects including Stan Lee's World of Heroes and Romeo & Juliet: The War.  Now, in order to bring POW!'s projects more directly to its fans (and, more imporantly, the fans in more direct contact with Stan Lee), POW! Entertainment launched on Monday, February 11th. 

Flesh of WhiteMore often than not, Kickstarter campaigns for independent comic books take time to build steam before reaching their crowdfunding goal.  While some campaigns seem to capture magic in a bottle, reaching their fundraising goal (and beyond!) in a matter of mere days, this occurrence remains a rarity.  For this reason, the Fanboy Comics staff was intrigued and impressed by the upcoming comic book series Flesh of White, published by indie publisher Inverse Press.  With just over a week remaining in their Kickstarter campaign, the creators behind Flesh of White have already surpassed their goal, but they need your help to reach their exciting, new stretch goals!

The God Particle Complex flyerThe Large Hadron Collider.  The Higgs Boson.  Endeavour's retirement.  The Curiosity Rover.  SpaceX's first flight.  For any fellow science geeks who may be reading this article, I hope that you will join me in celebrating the myriad of scientific discoveries and milestones that filled 2012.  For those science geeks who are in the Los Angeles area, there is no better way to honor these momentous, new beginnings than to check out The God Particle Complex, a tragic one-act science farce about high energy particle physics, time travel, and the abrupt end of our universe.

BlackwoodAs avid supporters of indie comic book creators, the Fanboy Comics staff has been keeping a watchful and interested eye on the folks at Bleeding Ink Productions.  With a seemingly unending list of new titles being generated by the indie publisher, including last summer's announcment regarding their mini-series Blood-Moon, Bleeding Ink is at it again with a Kickstarter campaign for an ongoing horror series called Blackwood.

Solestar newA few months ago, the Fanboy Comics staff received an online introduction to Siike Donnelly, a comic book creator and writer who survived a brain aneurysm in 2010.  Forced to rebuild his speech patterns and relearn how to walk, Donnelly forged a strong will and a desire to help other brain aneurysm survivors.  With his company, The Naïve Project, Donnelly launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish Solestar, an original graphic novel featuring artwork donated by 60 different artists and educational information regarding brain aneurysms, the proceeds of which will go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.


sushi girl posterIn what may be the most intense and violent thriller to be released this year, Sushi Girl is a film that will leave its mark with moviegoers as the pinnacle of modern exploitation films.  Independently produced by Assembly Line in association with Level Up Productions, the film’s creators masterfully packaged an extremely talented cast and crew with a twisted and gut-wrenching script that will stand up next to any big studio production.  Supplemented by an already growing fanbase as confirmed by a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign to premiere the film at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Sushi Girl is a shining example of how good, old-fashioned creativity, hard work, and dedication can develop into a solid motion picture.

Star Trek TNG Bridge RestorationFor the millions of Star Trek fans out there, you will not want to miss the latest crowdfunding campaign to launch on Kickstarter.  In a mission created by fans for fans, Star Trek superfan Huston Huddleston has initiated a campaign to restore the D Bridge of the Enterprise from The Next Generation TV show in order for it to become a fully interactive education museum.  With the support of Star Trek creators, producers, writers, and actors including Ronald D. Moore, William Shatner, Scott Tipton, Herman Zimmerman, Larry Nemecek, Michael Okuda, and Naren Shankar, the Kickstarter campaign (if fully funded) will restore the bridge to its original design, as created by Paramount Studios, but it will also feature fully working displays and mechanics. 

Mike Diana booksMike Diana was the first-ever comic book artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for his artwork in the United States.  The underground artist, known for his bright, bold colors of western advertising combined with rough, black lines, used his art to voice his honest and unapologetic opinion of mainstream American culture and the underlying hypocrises that he felt existed in that contemporary society.  Now, eighteen years after his conviction, Diana and publisher DIVUS London will be releasing America, a 500-page collection of Diana's rare, limited, and out-of-print cartoons, drawings, and paintings together for the first time. This double book box set contains introductory essays by Marisol Rodriguez and Mike Hunchback and a foreword by Neil Gaiman.

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