The Kickstarter Report: ‘Bullet Gal’ Trade Paperback

If you are a regular Fanboy Comics reader, you will have no doubt come across one of FBC Contributor Steven W. Alloway's glowing reviews of the Bullet Gal comic book series.  Written and illustrated by acclaimed Australian author Andrez Bergen (Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, One Hundred Years of Vicissitude, Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth), Bullet Gal is "a loving homage to hard-boiled noir, detective stories, and pulp fiction produced in the first half of the 20th century."  The series follows the titular character (whom fans will know from Bergen's previous superhero novel, Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?) as she steps out of the shadows and into the . . . noirish shadows of her own adventures.  With six issues of the series already in the works (or having already been released) and met with critical success, Bergen has partnered with Canadian comic book publisher Under Belly to collect the first twelve issues of the series into a trade paperback.  Having recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to garner a printer run of Bullet Gal, Bergen needs your help to make this dream a reality!

While Bergen's stories are always thrilling and gritty, his artwork is equally stunning, leaving many to wonder how one person was so lucky to garner so much diversified talent.  The imagery used on Bullet Gal falls under the various categories of the creator’s own photos, fair use of public domain advertising imagery, alteration of existing imagery, a heavy element of homage, and original art.  Because of this, Bullet Gal is a newfangled exercise in digital manipulation and experimentation that still remembers the tale being told, at the same time catching the imagination of media people and fans who have been privy to this developing exercise in new comic book storytelling.

Be sure to visit the Bullet Gal Kickstarter page, and don't forget to check out the backer rewards, which include physical and digital copies of the trade paperback, posters, collector's postcards, and more! The Kickstarter campaign will close on Wednesday, December 10, so be sure to donate soon!

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